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 Admin Disciplinary Tools
SO, back in high school I did a lot of experimenting . . . hm . .  that started out wrong.  Well, me and my buddies took a vocational class for Cisco Systems and honestly, we learned more about LAN in order to play video games than our instructor ever taught us . . AND me and another friend came up with a . . . CAT5 CAT 'O NINE TAILS!!
over the years I developed a bullwhip and sold one of the cat5catonines, and decided, these unique novelties should be shared with others . . SO!!!
                     "H4773r & T1nk's Toy Box" is proud to present . . .
H4773r's line of  admin disciplinary tools, the Category 5 cable goods that look better on your hip than jacked into your box!!

 Cat 5  Cat 'O Nine Tails
Classic Cat5 Cat O'Nine Tails, as shown  $45 + S&H 
Available in multiple colors, and Functional option . . . .

Cat 5  Bullwhips

^---Classic --^     The Widow---^

Start at $75, multiple colors, functionality optional
SO!, if you would like one of these lovely pieces of work, contact me at     t3h.h4773r@gmail.com
No extra charge for different color schemes, I have black, white, red, blue, orange, yellow, gray, possibly pink . . and if my Cat5 connection gets more colors, they will be available.  Functionality is +$20. For bullwhips that means both ends will be tipped and be usable as a Cat5 cable, for Cat O'Nines, there will be 2 of each color so connectivity will be discernible and the ninth tail will connect into the pummel. i ONLY USE Cat5/6 cable, its guts, tips and electrical tape, if other products in the future call for something else, we'll see.

 Detail pics:
 Grip of Cato'nine

Tip of Cat5Cato'nine

Bullwhip tip (some wear from where a friend tried to crack it)

Handle of bullwhip, I usually wrap in electrical tape to distinguish from the bulk of the braid          


Detail on the braid of The Widow

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