Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Rattling Around

Interestingly, I think the hamster in my head has gone on strike and the wheel squeaks and rattles in a melancholy manner.

My unofficial state of the h47 post a couple weeks past is still fairly accurate. I'm in the middle of casting a show, I just finished my Finals for the semester and FANIME is this weekend.

Next week is "What's in the h47!?!"s 1st year anniversary, I will try to have not only the standard Tuesday post, a semi-regular Meme-orable post, the standard 3rd 4 t3h Nrrd post, BUT! an additional Annual post!

I know, a little slow as of late, but we're rolling along.

Stay with me space cowboys, N3rdLif3!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Yee!!!! Huh?

When I was a much smaller child I wanted to be many things when I became a bigger child, as I am now. One of these things was a Cowboy. A fairly common dream and the romantic Wild West is still a dear thing to me.

One thing that popped into my head recently among the other rivers of filth was a certain phrase I'd heard several times and never gave much thought to other than it's intended meaning.

" (So&so is the best/meanest/whatever) this side/west of the Mississippi!"

The blatant purpose is to communicate how exemplary the subject in question is. For more concise examples:
"The quickest gun west of the Mississippi!" or "The finest wares this side of the Mississippi." I think you get the idea.

Something that gets to me a little, is that usually the idiom is used to describe a person. Such as the grizzly lawman or the despicable bandit leader. In addition, in the "world" of the classic west I always assumed that "out west" men were manlier, life was harder, and everything had more "American" traits. I don't think this is too far off the concept considering how often our nation identifies with the pioneers, trailblazers and frontier heroes.

Does this mean there are people, possibly more than one, EAST of the Mississippi BETTER/MEANER/FASTER?

Perhaps period Westerners used this modifier because "West of the Mississippi" was the only world they knew so to be able to compare to anyone "EotM" would be impossible. BUT! you better believe they knew just about gal darned everything about everything "WotM" so it was an educated assessment of the subject.

Well, just some food for thought, some brain noms, if you will.

Ya'll come back now, ya'hear?

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Some Bloke

I currently have a lot of brands in a lot of fires and I'm waiting to see if they form into anything passable.

I'm pitching Treasure Island as a play to the student run organization at my college. I'm REALLY excited at this prospect as I would love the excuse to REALLY dig into some serious buccaneer research. I know, I don't NEED an excuse, but then it would be doubly justified, you know?

I'm also hoping to finally get a screening of Nerdcore Rising up as a fund raiser as well as to promote Nerd-Life.

Hiring newbs at the store.

Maybe commandeering a artist alley table at Fanime to promote myself shamelessly.

Or even leading the Con Team for my store at who knows what Cons.

saving up enough green to got home (PAX)

Not to mention, I have an original story I've been working on since late November for a certain lady. I get inspiration for it constantly, but never when I'm in a place where it's convenient to write.

Need a new-newer phone, because even though my new Rogue has expanded my mobile possibilities, it doesn't succeed in doing everything I was promised. So, maybe a new upgrade for my upgrade.

Here's hoping I get accepted to the CSUArts summer program because I think it would be a great next step into moving my life towards a stage combat/theatre direction.

I guess this was a "State of The H47" sort of update. I'll try to have a stimulating MemeOrable, or maybe another post later on about whateva.

We Be Geeks, Peace!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Memeorable - Memegay

Most of you can probably guess by now that I have no problem with -same gender tenders- or for the vulgar, the gays. I have mentioned previously how my fiance & I have a "collection" of lesbians not to mention my predilection towards musical theatre. Har har, yes.

If I recall clearly, my buddy Brad Again is responsible for the first time I heard the song "Gay Bar" (no, he's not currently available for male or female entertaining, sorry.) I want to say he was actually singing it to himself and it in turn got stuck in my head. as it is ridiculously catchy.

A while after I had been employed at the blade vendor shop I currently toil at we sell a particular brand known as KA-BAR. There is one in particular item from this company that I like, and when asked by another employee for a demonstrative recommendation, I stuttered as I thought about my pitch. Then the tune of the song came into my head . . .

I think that you should buy a KA-BAR!
I think that you should buy a KA-BAR!
I think that you should buy a KA-BAR!

I'm still considering writing a full version.

Then, I saw this on one of the normal nerd news outlets I frequent, and was thoroughly entertained. Laugh until you pee yourself, wont you?

And, I would love to have full length versions of each of these songs. It's just the right amount of "acoustic" and cheese. Awesome.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I'm Spent

So, very sorry, nothing AWESOME OMFGROFLCOPTER today. I kinda shot a lot off last week and didn't have a lot prepared for today. I am posting before midnight as per my personally set standards and worry not, I have a Meme-Orable in the pipe ready for your consumption come Thursday, as well as the 3rd 4 T3h Nrrd from yesterday. Entertain thyself!

Oh yes, and being a HUGE Star Wars fan I can't leave Star Wars Day without something, so here . . .


Monday, May 3, 2010

3rd 4 T3h Nrrd: May '10

Unleash the Dragon with this Slammin-smooth, super-sized, Samoan.
Like most of the rest of the intarwebs I was introduced to this So-Cal rap-wright through hearing "Level Up." I wont lie, I wasn't overly impressed but the beat was steady and the content spoke to me.

After hearing him on a couple collab's since, I decided to track down his tracks and give his library a good hard listen.

Hell-to-the-yeah! On one of my irregular road trips to deal with family affairs I listened exclusively to Zealous1's albums and continued to for a couple days after.

A proud member of Scrub Club Records, a member of Boss Fights and a driving force of the unofficial So-Cal Nerdcore crop, this dude is really chill.

His music is true, keeps it real, his flow is slick no matter what the tempo, his beats are varied and feel well thought out. Although many of the Scrub Club artists espouse a free music, free life, make music for life is freedom, mentality, I think Zealous is among the few who could and should get paid for their art.

Seek him out in any number of his net haunts and get down.