Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Stay Green!

I have that weird amount of time to do something, but not enough to anything well and feel like it will be alright, SO! I will recycle!
I found some interesting info on my analytic page telling me which of my posts are all time favorites so far. So, so you can be amused by them as well, HERE THEY ARE!! in Descending order of most viewed pages . . .

Nerds Mad
(I still think this is funny and am a little sad it was so short lived.)

S.G.I.S.Con V
(no idea why this gets so many hits. The BriChan art?)

3rd 4 t3h NRRD Jan. '11
(Whutup Router! At least a Nerdcore post made it)

Have walking stick, Will Defend
(I enjoyed this one and like how much traffic it gets. Hopefully the message is well conveyed.)

(And ANOTHER MemOrable, and what an amusing one at that. Ahahaha! I'm listening to it NOW!)

Hang in there h47ites. as soon as my room is almost all put back together, I will have some time to crack together the semi-original content we know and love. PLUS! Con season is rearing its head, R U RDY!?!?! I know I'm not, AHAHAHAHHAHAH!!!!!

Friday, February 24, 2012

More of the Same

So how bout them regular updates that just run a little late? eh?: Yeah, How bout them? Our bathroom is getting new tile today. we found out yesterday. and our rug is getting pulled out and replaced with particle board Monday. SO! I have to get 3 pieces of furniture a day out of my room before I go to work each day. Good times.
I will try to touch up & post things when I'm not at home and have some down time, but, if I'm at home, I'm throwing things out of the room. Sorry guys. Hang in there. I will have new posts up before the 5th of March, Guaranteed.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Late Post Week

Yeah, yeah, I know. I was doing so well, too. Honestly though, I'm not feeling so hot and having trouble focusing. quite frankly, if I AM sick, it will be the 4th time this year so far, kind of ridiculous. I do have a weekly post planned, I just dont have the brain space to type it all out, PLUS, I have several MemeOrables ready to be polished & scheduled, so, hopefully no drop in quantity of content, just running a little late this week. Don't worry kids, lots of fun stuff coming this year.
Thanks for hanging in there H47ites!

Friday, February 17, 2012

MemeOrables: Turning Japamemes

(my intent was to do my usual flowery intro and explanations, but when I opened the post to edit it, I laughed hard enough with just the small amount below. I will explain under the last video. Enjoy!)

Learn some fuckin, japanese. You Bitch.

Already Japanese? Learn some English, sexy like.

Great right? Still no Idea what's going on? Alright, lemme break them down for you. We've met the first guy in the past. I have no idea why I pay more attention when my teacher is belligerent and obscene. Maybe it's because I can turn him off at will.
The second video I was introduced to at Midnight Madness at Fanime. Some great stuff at 1 in the morning, yeah? The actual roots are from eBaum's World who, I believe found it from its ORIGINAL source Vermillion Night Pleasure. Try saying that in bad Japanese Engrish. Almost as bad as saying Lulu Lemon. Either way, I thought my pal Calamity Jane, might like that, since she's a Japanese major. Also, it's good to be Toshi. Eh? eh?

Let's use it constructively, you bitch!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Choir is NOT Lame

I don't know if this will do anything for anyone's opinion, but I am huge fan of Bards and would admit approx half of my characters (a solid dozen total since '04)had a splash of Bard if not full progression.
I do agree that Bards, ESPECIALLY 3.0/3.5, are notorious for their terribleness. However, I am a huge proponent of the storyteller/chronicler archetype. As an adventurer or "princess saving bloke" they are not intended to fill main roles BUT, I would like to give a shout out to Paizo up on Pathfinder for re-working the class into something that doesn't totally suck.
If you care, I like THIS for new rule set & mechanics ANDDDD THIS GUY for an excellent build reference that gears a bard build towards 4th party member in a 4 person party.
As far as singing or playing the lute or even storytelling (as I've utilized it in my most recent builds) as a skill set for adventuring? That's not the mindset I've taken over the last decade. To me, and I would argue other "bard enthusiasts" agree, a bard is a party member who can combat, cast or know stuff just as well as anyone else in the group, BUT can also inspire his fellows and belittle his foes with great ease.
I would argue, it's sort of like a High School English teacher with a History Minor. It's not a necessary aspect of the beast, but it can definitely lend insight and inspiration that would not otherwise come into affect.

In a less metaphory example, I have built, and seen bards built, into things that can outcast equiv level wizards and out melee equiv level fighters. Honestly. Some of us like our PVP. No not as far as firepower per spell, nor as blow to blow, BUT, when executed correctly, winning wizards duels and mortal combats(every now and then our group gets really into arena type encounters).
Ran Dansin XIX, Thorin & Shingen. And GUESS WHO RUNS THE PARTY
Hope it wasn't too much of a ramble, but there's my bit.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Memorables: Cook Meme Something

Hungry for some H47-tastic content? Maybe not? TOO BAD!! Everybody and your dad knows about Epic Meal Time. How Bouts some OTHER food people, eh?

First, I present . . . Some fuckin' japanese shit, but American's, in Japan, Cooking, fuckin' cat-meatloaf, so, fuckin' catloaf . . . you bitch. Put it in your eye.

So, now that we've covered that, how bout some OTHER people who  . . . love . . eating . . cats, in a sense. And also enjoy alcohol, a young lady who has won the hearts, minds and stomachs of most people I know, who've watched a single one of her videos, who of course, has guest appeared on EMT as well.

You want some more meal time? No, it's not epic, it's regular . . .  SWEDISH REGULAR MEAL TIME, much of it, IN SWENGLISH!

You know what I think about when I hear "Swedes?" Besides that famous jibberish spouting chef and meatballs & Ikea? Death Metal . . . Meh, I'm not that much of a downer.  I do like metal though, how about balck metal with rediculous fantasy blades . . and Veganism! Ah HAHAHAhahahah!!!! *Nathan Explosion voice* Enjoy, its good for your eyes, ears and body . . . metal. /end voice

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Gamer Specifics

So, all love, we all get things confused and mix things up or have heard of things and associate them incorrectly. In an attempt to make some nerdy sense of unarguably nerdy visual media, I present a couple properties and hope to establish some new mental associations.

Gamers (sometimes -> ) The Movie
A movie from '06, this particular film revolves around a group attempting to break a world record for length of time playing a table top RPG.
This one is fun as the production value is quite clean. I recall it receiving mediocre-to-decent press and there is a good amount of resources to be found concerning the movie. Behind the scenes stuff and production clips around the net. For further resources, have their site, as well as IMDB, and of course WIKI, and . . . .

The Gamers
and of course,
The Gamers: Dorkness Rising
Journey Quest
I will admit, I still need to watch the original movie, The Gamers, but I have consumed, with great relish, the sequel, as well as their current web series, as you may already be familiar with it.
Dorkness Rising, last I checked was available on Netflix, and crazy entertaining as it somewhat just dives right into the culture without trying to explain too much, which I appreciate.
And of course, Journey Quest goes even farther by setting the whole thing IN a fantasy setting, no "RL" players, just ridiculous fantasy characters doing things you might guess they would get up to. As I've linked to JQ a couple times and you can already read a review, have some Dorkness . . . The Magical Quote is at 3:50

It would also seem Dead Gentleman/Zombie Oprheus/Epic Level have formatted the Movie into a Web series and left the last few episodes offline, or have not finished posting them in their entirety.

In any event, GO! ENJOY!
Oh yeah, there was a movie called Gamer, it was kinda big, mostly what I'm sure FPS's will become in the future, Running Man already did it though, and I find it more likely to come true than the FPS one, or at least before the other.

Friday, February 3, 2012

3rd 4 T3h NRRD: Feb. '12

This month brings us a blast from the past, a progenitor, an original geeksta, fully loaded, deep and encoded; MC PLUS+