Monday, February 28, 2011

Um, Yeah, about that . . .

As of right now, Tuesday's Post is, well, postponed.
My day jumped up and bit my nuts and made everything "fuck-it-all" so, will try to finish up one of my posts tomorrow, or Wednesday, and 3rd for t3h nRRd is on schedule as well as some other Nerdcore-centric postings because I got opinions yo.

Thanks for hanging in with me H47ites, I will continue to exceed sucktitude as best I can.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

All That Glitters

Here is a trailer to get you THERE

I finally got around to watching "Gold," the webseries about gamers.

Season one is about professional gamers working for the gold medal and is fairly entertaining, however some elements felt weak. (I will try to explain below.)

The other "season?" is a sort of six episode mini-series based around a one shot. This one I enjoyed much more and after about a week passed having seen both I think I realized why;

The main season felt forced and didn't feel real. It seemed set in this alternate reality that never totally embraced it's silliness which made things uncomfortable and awkward to watch. Not to say there wasn't elements of drama that I believed, the characters lived in this world and I felt most of their pains. Also, the sound quality really got to me. I understand it's technical and how much of a pain filming independently can be (oh yeah, tangent, did I mention I finally graduated, I have a B.A. in Theatre Arts and have acted for a few student films. I can relate, camera mounted mics can be the devil) but a little touch up, maybe some post recordings might have been nice? Anyway, yeah, the locations were fine, the camera work was fantastic, but something about the character work felt lacking, especially when I saw some of the production was SAG, I guess it raised the bar for me. Also, soundtrack choice was a little off. It felt right a few times but it didn't seem to flow with the ENTIRE season.

Now that I have talked smack about the main shows, lemme tell you how AWESOME Night of The Zombie King was. Watch season one to get yourself oriented and learn the mechanics of the world and then watch NTZK. I watched all six episodes in one sitting because I was so absorbed with it. It follows an old group reuniting after several years to have on last game as their old characters and it all felt so much more honest. Real characters with real lives trying to interact with each other.Several conflicts working in concert to elevate each other. Stakes get raised up in this one, with a great nod to the main series.
I am honestly optimistic to see if the company will continue and will wait patiently to see what new gamer-centric vids they will unveil. I don't know if they are worthy of platinum, but I will say they are as good as gold.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Late But Not Out

So, I spent the day with my little sister, attempted to move her nerd along by lending her my PS2, a stack of games, and telling her I would loan her more once she beat a couple.

We saw Gnomio & Juliet and it was adorable, I might be biased but I don't care. Shakespeare voiced by Patrick Stewart, Elton John Exec. Producing and provide ALL of the music for the movie, a flaming STRAIGHT flamingo, and Lawn gnomes come to life, hard not to have fun. We we're forced to see it in 3D as all other showings were out of the time frame, not worth it, But see it, I give it AT LEAST 3 pointy beards/hats out of Five, up to five on a good day.

Then, I attended one of my fiance's rehearsals in order to meet one of my future fight instructors and perhaps pick up a couple new moves and as she alluded, start on my training hours in order to be fully certified ASAP. It was great, I learned a bunch of new moves, very enriching. It was nice to see a lot of the sensibilities I was using were correct but the moves were different from what I had been trained on. I'm still processing what might be "wrong" or just not what she was trained on.
It will be an adventure as I learn from different masters all over, hopefully making myself that much more versatile.

Thanks for sticking with me, I hope to have a couple more stimulating posts before the end of the month, maybe something Star Wars related, or maybe even something to do with my private projects.

See ya Space Cowboys.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bliggity bliggity blog bluh blaow!

Ladies & others, I have been at this Blog thing for a very short time, barely almost two years at this time. In this time I have done some research into what a Blog is, what it's purpose is and how it can be successful spiritually as well as maybe financially.
I've found it very rewarding and slowly but surely my readership has grown. Many of my friends will bring up what I've written in conversation, and as I intended with the Meme-Orables, I have a place on the Intarwebs I can go and quickly grab whatever I want to show someone.

But, what do I look for in a blog?
Below are a few of the blogs I currently read and why.

This site is a powerhouse. Updating multiple times a day, all work week long, there is never a want of content on this sight. With regular lists and a weekly, terror article(FFF) I've even seen memes born from this site. Although I don't read every single post, I get a lot of my nerd news from this site that I otherwise would have never sought out.

The blog site for a very fun, very well drawn, comic. They update semi-regularly, at LEAST once every two months with how far along they are in their process, what cons they will be at, the Con reports, and any other events they might be involved with.

It's a site run by a couple people who speak several asian languages. They receive all sorts of crazy media with different asian calligraphy and then decode them for what the meanings ACTUALLY are. Brilliant.

These two blogs are run by the same author, Krizzlybear, "Frost" is a Wow centered, specifically, Frost mage-centric, and he updates semi-regularly whenever he has a strats or something goofy to put up. As well as Steampanku, which is his blog for his love of Asia-centric Steampunk. I have personally found it fairly informative as far as what Steampunk literature entails as well as exploring facets of a far east flavor to the genre. It hasn't been updated recently, but his past posts are still a source point for much of my own research.

Chicks play WoW too, they are very vocal, and they may not like being called chicks, now that I think about it. A couple fire/arcane Magesses, they constantly discuss and explore many topics pertaining to the fem-WoW community, everything from why "rape" is not an acceptable verb outside describing a terrible sex act, to how the new patch changes will effect vanity pets and how "pretty" an avatar is. (Don't even begin to delude yourself, most guys are VERY concerned with how their toons look, I'm looking at you, fire festival ensemble, guy.) Haven't updated in a while, well thought out posts.

My Guildie! A stalwart druid, great raider, better friend, she has been playing WoW for a long while, and been blogging about it for slightly less time but is still entertaining to read. Semi-regular updates from simple screenshots, to strats, to personal reflections on the drama and social aspect of Azzeroth.

My lovely and talented Fiancé's blogs, one is the adventures of T1nk, the Con Fairy, dispensing hygiene products and sarcasm in equal measure on the con floor. She's been quiet due to con season being over, but should be picking back up come next spring. "Stage" is her theatre blog as she has restarted her passion for stage, updates constantly with casting calls and various events throughout the South Bay, as well as reflections and experiences of her own.

Mr. "Steve" Wes O'Leary's Blog which features three of his passions, food, table top gaming & weaponry. He hasn't updated in a while, and I'm still waiting for a guest spot from him detailing a Pathfinder game he ran at S.G.I.S.Con IV, but it's all good. The stuff he has up there right now is still worth a read.

Playing D&D With Porn Stars
This is one of the most entertaining and resource rich gaming blogs I read. With a video tie in to The Escapist's I Hit It With My Axe, Zak is constantly throwing out ideas, concepts, commentary, and tables, oh boy, does he love him some tables. As well as, yes, his gaming group (as well as himself) are comprised of people in the adult entertainment industry, and they are all cool. Update: "I Hit It . . ." was dropped from the escapist but they are still gaming maniacs, we just have to hear about it through Zak now.

The Art of Manliness
My Man-Buddy/Lost Boy Homie Gilliam introduced me to this Blog a few years back and I have been a devoted follower ever since. Constantly updating about many manly topics not only does it ask the question "what is it to be a man?" It looks at the many concepts of "man" and how to be a gentle man as well as a manly man, great articles, many great guest posts.

Gnome Stew
AND yet another Gaming Blog I follow, mostly focused on the Game Master aspect of gaming, has won several awards for gaming resource as well as blog quality. I love the Gnome community, always striving to better and enrich the gaming universe.

A fantastically Nerdy Blog. Mr. Gnards is a blogger for you if you enjoy my sense of humor but wished for more graphs and more 80's retro references. His fixation with werewolves & rufio keep his nerd cred strong, and his sense of awareness of the Geek culture are constantly being displayed over at "Gnards."

There are a few more, but this is a big dent.

The ones that update all day everyday inspire me, the ones that only update weekly, inspire me, and those that update, maybe, every . . month(s) . . ish? inspire me! They give me a clear guide of what a readership will tolerate as far as update schedules and content length. And which blogs, regardless, I will return to again and again because of content of the blog.
I would like to thank, all bloggers I've come across for being the inspiration and examples, for better and worse, that help keep me spewing my mind across this intarweb.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

3rd 4 t3h Nrrd: Feb. '11

Quick query nerdlings;
what do you get when you mix A Dragon, an Marvel Villain, A Doctor, A Clergyman, and a . . . 'Nious?

A Nerdcore supergroup the likes of which not seen since, dare I say? Oh, I dare, Optimus Rhyme.

These bad mofo's formally formed and performed at 2010 Nerdapalooza to a great general reception.

Though there are only a handful of toons bouncing around the intrarwebs they are currently hard at work on their first full length album. I wait with bated ears.

With The Juggernaut thumpin the drums since the 7nth grade, he rolls beats hard and keeps the groups energy kickin. I might even suggest the band perform BEHIND his drum kit so you can see how awesome this dude is. Also, from the vid clips, he's not the quiet shy type, he throws quips an jibes with the others as if he was the front man. I love me some personality.
Jay Bishop has a long and prolific catalog as a string-smith and lends his talents to keep the licks wicked throughout, as well as having the gear and know how to do the mixing and recording for the group.
Along side Bishop is Kevo. The two have been playing together off and on since the day they both picked up stringed instruments. From what I can gather, one of the more subdued members of the group makes for the adorable quiet guy with mystique, right? Yeah, that's an "Almost Famous" reference, deal with it. You can hear in several of the songs his bass tickling antics keep every frequency of the group entertaining.

Zealous1 & Doc tor Awkard I've discussed previously and they both are rumored to have new albums in the pipe in addition to The Boss Fights collaborations.

This crew dons signature black dress shirts and red ties and on occasion thick rimmed glasses in a tribute to the Godfather, and even have a song as such. with such characters in their crew shenanigans are rampant as is evidenced below.

Watching and listening to these guys is a true inspiration and I hope to hear many more great things from them for years to come.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Timewright Tease & Validation

The second item first: 3rd 4 t3h Nrrd is on schedule, so fear not.

First item second: a little taste of a tale I'm tinkering away on, short, but I think thoroughly entertaining.

"I do not approve of the new fashion of wearing engineer's glasses when one is not even a mechanic. Perhaps when one is on the deck of a ship, with smoke, steam, airborne pests and the whistling wind, I can understand.
But when I meet someone of rank donning these vestigial optics I am insulted that they often cannot comprehend even the most basic principles of physics or workings of simple jennies."
-SkyBaron Antonius Timewright, "Quotes from Quarlous" by Elias Clipwick

(yeah, my half assed costume pwnz j00, enjoy it in all its "taken for myspace" style glory.)