Thursday, February 3, 2011

3rd 4 t3h Nrrd: Feb. '11

Quick query nerdlings;
what do you get when you mix A Dragon, an Marvel Villain, A Doctor, A Clergyman, and a . . . 'Nious?

A Nerdcore supergroup the likes of which not seen since, dare I say? Oh, I dare, Optimus Rhyme.

These bad mofo's formally formed and performed at 2010 Nerdapalooza to a great general reception.

Though there are only a handful of toons bouncing around the intrarwebs they are currently hard at work on their first full length album. I wait with bated ears.

With The Juggernaut thumpin the drums since the 7nth grade, he rolls beats hard and keeps the groups energy kickin. I might even suggest the band perform BEHIND his drum kit so you can see how awesome this dude is. Also, from the vid clips, he's not the quiet shy type, he throws quips an jibes with the others as if he was the front man. I love me some personality.
Jay Bishop has a long and prolific catalog as a string-smith and lends his talents to keep the licks wicked throughout, as well as having the gear and know how to do the mixing and recording for the group.
Along side Bishop is Kevo. The two have been playing together off and on since the day they both picked up stringed instruments. From what I can gather, one of the more subdued members of the group makes for the adorable quiet guy with mystique, right? Yeah, that's an "Almost Famous" reference, deal with it. You can hear in several of the songs his bass tickling antics keep every frequency of the group entertaining.

Zealous1 & Doc tor Awkard I've discussed previously and they both are rumored to have new albums in the pipe in addition to The Boss Fights collaborations.

This crew dons signature black dress shirts and red ties and on occasion thick rimmed glasses in a tribute to the Godfather, and even have a song as such. with such characters in their crew shenanigans are rampant as is evidenced below.

Watching and listening to these guys is a true inspiration and I hope to hear many more great things from them for years to come.

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