Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Comin' From Space to Teach You

For those of you who are even less aware of current anime and what's going on in the Japanese animated world (not hard to do, but if you're around here than I know SOME of you [I'm looking at you two Japanese majors who still haven't translated my knife markings snickering with each other like two magical girls] might be a step ahead of me on this one, but nonetheless) I stumbled across something fairly awesome in my quarterly assault on the intarwebs in search of moving drawings from the Great Island that stimulate me in very particular ways (yes, sometimes like that, but not too much).
What, you may ask? As to explain what the hell I just said, no, but as to what I found . . .

An excellent short series collaborated upon by Subaru (yes, the car company) and Gainax. As to be expected, there is a plethora of symbolism and things named after other things to give weight and connectivity. To the jaded cynical mind one might see it as one long commercial for Subaru in a passive non-obvious name placement sort of way, but honestly, that only occured to me like, once, as I started watching it.
It's short, its cute, its looks fantastic, its from Gainax, its simple and it resolves itself more than some three season animes I've seen, so here it is below in it's entirety, should take less than a half hour to watch, do so.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Take Initiative

While I was Hustling Hewing-Items at WonderCon, I had some propaganda pushed upon ME for a change, so I took it and stashed it for my usual Post-Con Research. As soon as I fired it up and did a bit of research on it, I was hooked.

Standard Action, yet another RPG Web-series, mixes excellent location scouting with a love and knowledge of the genre.

Joanna Gaskell, who plays the Elven Barbarian with a heart of gold, is the mastermind of the show.Not only do they have about a half dozen excellent episodes so far, they have some extra content in the form of a chuckle worthy Dating Service, great for extra flavor to the universe.

Only in production for a year so far (it appears) and an excellent stream of production during that time. And, if their self promotion is matched by their dedication to continue the series, this should be fun to watch.
(witty turn of phrase to do with initiative orders or number of actions you can take in one round)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Nerd Levels

Nerdy:You partake in Nerdy activities like D&D or Anime or Excessive Gaming

Nerdgasmic: Fusions of Nerdery that would be acknowledged by other geeks, or excelling in your obscure pop culture niche. Perhaps, say, STARTING YOUR OWN CON?
and finally,

Triple Nerd Score:
Achieve a multi-fecta that is only comprehensible on a case by case basis. Example;

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Bully, Sir? Not for Me

The Bartitsu Boys (and gals) are still at it!
As some of you might recall a while back I did some posting on Bartitsu and have since been following their site, waiting for different projects to be finished. If you're ready to jump in right away there is a small library worth of resources already, Or, if like me, you have a couple other tomes to dig through (Castle & Hutton personally) they have completed the fore mentioned Documentary. HUZZAH!

Soon, h47ites, I do affirm. I have managed to locate a couple schools in my area that teach European Martial arts as well as I've made a few contacts with different Fight Directors, so I hope to continue my training (and improve my physique at the same time perhaps?) in tandem with bartitsu research and incorporate my knowledge into my fights. I have also been researching Jiu-jitsu schools in my area and even a cane defense teacher in the area to start some cross training in the areas I want to focus on.

I've been contemplating trying to stalk some of the names posted across the Bartitsu site to see if I can get some hands on, live training, I think that would be the most invaluable. We'll see what Shows and work have in mind as far as scheduling.

I am a little annoyed with myself that I had never heard of Combat Con but plan to attend in the near future, maybe even try and talk my store into attending if we get into out-of-state shows. but perhaps more on that in another post.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

3rd 4 t3h Nrrd: April '11

'Ello Droogies, raz 'as come for another bloke!
Who and what's with the terrible accent and Burgess reference?

Milk-PlusI have heard this name mentioned countless times over the last five years, associated with projects and even dropping songs here and there, dude is after my own heart as a Nerdcore Playa in the UK. Peep his site HERE, I know I will be checking in for info on a regular basis.
For some sound sampling he's on a few diff sites, like Reverb Nation, Last FM, Myspace, ya know.

OR, one of my fave-most recent songs is a slick hit off of Nerdcore Now 1 . . .

OR OR Ore, if you have 6 minutes to kill I HIGHLY recommend THIS SONG about some hoopy froods you may be familiar with, collabed with a couple other artists we are familiar with.

I have pulled down his free stuff and thuroughly enjoyed his previous collabs, and look forward to blasting his raps all over. I also love how he is an avid supporter of other artists and tries to help promote (like likes like?) . Cheers Mate (if those colloquialisms are still valid) and Rap on Net Geeksta, real Horrorshow!