Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Filler . . .

 . . . I hardly knew her! *zing*
Yeah, so. I keep telling you guys how busy I am, and I still am, so, sorry the Blog suffers, but until it starts making me money (hint, hint, hit the "donate button over there on the right and throw me some doll-hairs!) I have to go to work, and look for more work so I can afford a car so I can go to work some more, you know, "responsible" things. pht.
Enough Complaining though, i wanted to let you know why there STIULL hasn't been a 3rd 4 t3h Nrrd this month. It's because I have not had a single day this month so far where I had more than 6 hours to myself. No, it does not take that long total for me to write a 4rd for t3h nrrd post, but it does take that much time to do my normal morning catching up on feeds, feeding myself, doing theatre catchup stuff (because as a Fight DIrector I actually have things to do after rehearsals that involve yelling at actors, politely asking other designers to please stop screwing with my choreography by changing their designs, and making sure my weapons . . . exist, and then are not slightly defective (anticipated), configured in ways I hadn't anticipated, and dangerous.
Crap, there I go complaining again. Anyway, yeah, to flesh out a proper review can take minimum of 2 hours, and has taken me up to 8 when I didn't have an artist to start with.

But! Worry not, to compensate for the "blah blah blah" noise and the gripeing, I hereby supply you with a "cool things" dump, as per "Joesky's Law"

Fun. especially the "bang! bang! BANGBANGBANG B A N G !" and only just on the edge of too much.

The Six SuperVillains of Nerd Culture
I am friends with 4 out of the six, and find it . . . interesting they chose a female as "The Imposter." and Although I would readily agree that the majority of "Imposters" are female (I believe due to the readily social nature of a lot of the Nerd Net-culture), I know a lot of Lady Nerds who might take offense to it being a female there, or perhaps I post that "the Imposter" & "The Bro" are simply the same Villain, just gender personified, which, we see a lot in super heroes/villains.

I really like it. The first time I could recall seeing this particular art style was in The AniMatrix and I really enjoy it. I also like the Asian flavor to the characters, except maybe Bane, perhaps they do more with him.

AAAnnnddd, I can't get this fucking song out of my head and neither can you. And I hate to admit it, I really enjoy it.

Stick with me H47ites. I should have full fledged posts as soon as I have a car. So wish me an expedient purchase. Later!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Ab Sense

Was prepping for & just got back from San Diego.
Will post when I have some time, should be . . . I don't know as I still need to buy a new car (WHOO!!), junk the old car (meh), find time to take the CBEST (meh) and find time to acquire over half a dozen lightsabres while working and rehearsing (woo-ack!) all while trying to catch up on a weeks worth of feeds (woo!)
So, hang in there with me H47ites. Updates soon, I promise.

Friday, July 6, 2012


Imma shoot straight with ya H47ites. I know I'm behind on my 3rd 4 t3h nrrd, even though i have one researched, & I know my updates have been spotty and random. I know it sounds like I have a serious case of the Piro's Disease (see Trope  ) but honestly, Life has hit me in the balls harder than usual.
Dead car, sick grama, feeble mother who can't perform tasks needed to quell grama, rehearsal, fight directing at rehearsals, building set for rehearsals, work at a job where we HAD full strength but 3/4 of staff now have second jobs that prioritize over this one, leaving myself and the manager with the most flexible schedules, AND I HAVE A SHOW, plus trying to find time to take the CBEST so I can start a "real job" while I start on my Masters Degree. Oh yeah, and we're going to Comic Con next weekend and literally only have 1/3 the funds to pay for it all.
Sorry for the rant, but as per Joesky's law, here are cool things

HAwkings, has a sense of humor . . . .

The music itself lacks the "UMPH" of the original, but I do enjoy the whole thing on its own.

and . .  something I would have probabaly done if i'd had a camera when I was that young, cute

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Get a Steampunk RUSH in Your Head!

I've mentioned in the past, somewhere, I don't remember where, that I don't come into contact with NEARLY enough Steampunk things, so that I'm left with the vague impression that there are good Steampunk things, but I had not come across anything Steampunk that I came away thinking "AWESOME!"

Well, the wait is over, and something amazing has come.

Can you feel that Bass!?!?!
YES! YEAS! its a Steampunk album  by the epic rock band Rush that isn't a gimmick, they made the music because they felt like it. What part of that sentence does not hold great promise? Want some more? From there official Youtube channel?

But wait, there's more, if you thought that wasn't awesome enough . . HOW BOUT SOME FICTION BY NOTED AUTHOR AND FREIND OF RUSH DRUMMER/LYRICIST NEIL PEART, KEVIN J. ANDERSON!?!?!?! Imma-punch-you-in-the-dick is how awesome it is!!

I have attempted to chronicle the saga for you in order since February and you can follow Anderson's Blog HERE for continual KJA news. Oh yeah, and if you can't wait to read even part of it, Check the links above as they pertain to a free preview of the novel!