Saturday, April 3, 2010

3rd 4 t3h Nrrd: April '10

Let us consult a doctor of other sorts. A real doctor. A Dr. of Science!


This monotone, digitized, D.O.G. has some slick beats, and rhymes to bend times on top of content that topically exceeds all nerdy expectations! The beats truly do rock. In every song I have reason to tap my foot and nod my head. The voice emulation program is never distracting to me, it always seems to be so well integrated into the music, and the hard core personality that the MC lays down leaves no question as to how hard Hawking is.

Although his secret identity has been revealed, this fictional MoFo is still a great Nerdcore luminary and character for the ages. One of the Origional MC's on Front's "Nerdcore Rising," MC Hawking has been a little quite as of late but is putting out a little bit here, and hopefully soon a little bit there.

I know, I know, here we go again with the Front collab's but damn if Front doesn't do collab's with all the cool cats, and Front aside, I really do love Hawking in these songs. He IS the main character in Bitch Slap, so it's technically Front guest starring on a Hawking track.

We miss The Hawkman and can't wait to hear him rollin' with the Nerdcore Crop once more!

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