Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Pros & Cons

Not here, not on our web-comic, nor upon my twitter shall you hear me speak of "i"'s or pads together or conjuctively, apart perhaps, except for just now. Most likely not of "i" anythings as they are merely products that one company happens to put out shine-ily and loudly. I am happy for you if you enjoy them and that's very nice. I prefer other things and being locked into a lifestyle, "i" or otherwise, do not currently work smoothly with other styles and habits.
What the hell was that about!? I'm not entirely sure and I am the one writing it. But that's what you should come to expect by now. On to the real meat of the post.

Con season is kicking up with Wondercon just passed. I was there in partial force as an "Elite Humanoid Lvl. ?? Blade Vendor " (dont let the skull scare you, I was released in BC) (Full force would have been if we had a booth for the blog/comic) and illicitly shouting and hollering about my hard pointy things. Yes, your humble h47 was breaking rules all weekend. Upon closer inspection of the legal jargon(why was I reading the exhibitor contracts, I'll get to that) I found on several Con/exhibitor contracts detail that no barking/hawking/carnival like attractions shall be allowed in the hall. That's right, all my witty quips & yells were not on the up & up.
BUT! being an enthusiast of my place of employ and a consummate con . . . consumer (yay alliteration) my boss-ninja-lady finally relented and suggest I do some Team Leading on our store's Con Team. SO! I began my research as her & I are to meet and discuss various con related things. We shall see in what capacity I will be attending many cons in the future.

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