Here I can keep a running tab of who's who and not have 80 posts with partially complete explanations. For a slightly longer explanation try HERE.
For a couple personal "blast from the past" nicknames try this (explains Jjerk, Mjerk & FeetRcold).

Theatreg33k, T1nk, T1nk the Con Fairy, D00mbunny: My fiance, she is also an actress, we live together, owns a cat (don't even get me started on that cat), she's currently employed by a major corporation, is a presence in most social networking sites and has her own site(see 2nd name link). She is the artist for our webcomic, which is amazing considering she has no artistic background . . .yet. She already has a Bacheloriate with a minor and is looking to either get a second in animation or go for an MA in sequential art as comics/story boarding have been obsessions for life.

Wang Awesome: A great guy who is an Indie Music as well as Nerdcore Hip Hop enthusiast. Apparently one of his normal handles is "Mr. Awesome" but I felt a first name was needed especially since one of his names he goes by in real life is a synonym for penis.I know, we're classy.

Epyon_avenger: A good friend of mine out here in the left valley. He is a Tech for a decent corporation, a nerdlinger supreme, and hosts a couple Neverwinter servers. One of the many geeks In my D&D circle, doppleganger to . . .

PievuhG: Origionally just, my co-worker, at the high end weapons shop we work at, soon became a great friend as her geeky flag flew brightly, with a rainbow on it. One of the lesbians Theatreg33k and I have added to our collection (we collect lesbians, i'm sure there will be a post) , and it has been established by all of us that her and Epyon are the same people from different realities, or something to that effect. She used to do Repo, and is a mechanic, soooo dykey, its great.

The Blave: An overachiever, a bear of a man, a teddy bear that is. He looks like like a viking, very Norse pillager, but he's happy and amicable all the time. A theatre/English teacher at a local high school, The Blave is also a constant fixture in our D&D groups. I call him The Blave because he has a penchant for telling outlandish white lies, and more often than not people believe him. see D.O.S. in any of Theatreg33ks other sites.

L1, Fairsilver: The first lesbian Theatregeek & I added to our collection, she is a suave business woman with many irons in many fires. She is easily one of the guys or a girly-girl. A good, geeky, girl-lovin', girl, friend.

L2, Heartshadow?, Whispermoon? any other number of alternative characters: The long time partner to L1, a quiet, witty, bookish gal who, although I've known for about 5 years now, is still a bit of a mystery. Often has to be DRAGGED to social gatherings. She has a good head on her shoulders and a big heart, L1 & L2 take great care of each other when we all agree the other needs some real attention.

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