Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Not Quite a 3rd Part 1

TWO NIGHTS OF AWKWARD! Also, master lyrical educator Mega Ran!
Day one was in my favorite metropolitan areas SAN JOSE!, next to one of my favorite centers of learning, SJSU.
This concert was a bit unique from the typical venues that "small bands" perform in as this was at ROCKAGE SJ an awesome video game and Indie music fest that goes the entire weekend (ferreals gonna attend the next one). This year it was held at the San Jose Woman's Club, an awesome 20s-30s style building tucked up past SJSU.
I had it all planned out, I even made a facebook event (for any of you who know me personally you know how much I LOATHE Facebook, so, big deal) and I was gonna roll down there and be boss cause, ya know, home turf, PARTY! Little did I realize in my ignorance of cultural diversity, it was also Chinese New Year and everyone else had plans. But WHATEVA, I slow rolled around the place a couple times blasting Zealous1 looking for parking but decided to park in one of my favorite parking garages and strolled over to the event. "First 50 at the door receive free Wii Guitar!" I was among those first 50, B-day present for my Sister! (I no have Wii, she do).
I thought I'd be there a little early so I could see Doctor Awkward and then watch MegaRan's set. APPARENTLY Mega Ran went up first and was the followed up by Doc. I think it had something to do with the fact Ran had to get to the Grammys. So I got to see Random's set first and then watched a very intimate set by Awk. Would you like to watch it!?
HERE!!!! is the Twitch.tv feed of it plus the other acts that played that day and some interviews, all kinds of fun. check it!
After Awk's Set I camped the merch table for some quality time to chat. So many questions and of course, as soon as you get there, you forget them all.
It's cool, talked with DJ DN3, a pro producer and all around cool cat, while grabbing some swag, but the main event of this trip was the LIMITED EDITION 1 OF 15(13) special box set of Doctor Awkwards Discography!
I have friends who are terribly averse to unboxing videos so here are unboxing PICTURES! Check it out.

Wii guitar (& Taylor Swift face plate), Dr. Awkward Discography AND White Materia
White Materia is several remixes/mash ups of Black Materia as well as other FFVII music
Like mainstream beats but cant stand the lyrics? SOLVED! ty DJ Nerd 42!

Diggin the Tron inspired W/Deathly Hallows front cover!
Title Spine! (yes, its a VHS box. I'm excited)
It IS a VHS with cryptic messages!

Sweet, a little light cycle in a custom gutted VHS shell, ha!

Its a USB light cycle. METAL!

But H47!? How was the show?
I'll tell you. Fun! I'll be honest, it had a "wierd" vibe as it was like RIGHT after lunch ("morning" for most nerds. amirite!?) and there weren't a lot of people at the event yet as it was earlier in the day BUT, consummate professionals all, Random & Doctor Awkward gave a full 100% for the hardy few of us who came out to see them specifically.
I'm glad to pass the few bucks I could to Random, DJ DN3, & Doc Awk to show my appreciation for coming out to my home town and hope they come back again as I hear tell SJ has a thriving indie scene that welcomes all sorts of acts.


Thursday, February 14, 2013


I am way more busy than I had any right to believe I should be this busy and I have like FOUR different posts I woul like to take the time to crack out. Two of them are about attending the NES in the West tour with MegaRan, DJ DN3, Doctor Awkward and URIZEN.

So, until I have more than 20 mins to dedicate to that, here are some things I've come across that are AWESOME!

Since it's technically Valentine's day I thought this would be cute, but honestly I would have posted it anyway because for some reason I could not stop grinning the entire time I watched it. Bravo!

This looks awesome and AFTER I finish writing the blog posts (so, who knows when) I will click through the links to find out more about this group. Until then, enjoy . . .

And finally, but definitely not the last time, I'm sure. HARLEM SHAKE!

I honestly can not get enough of these videos. . . Here's another

I think the sexy beat, plus the absurdity of the lone dancer doing "silly" moves, then the sudden pandemonium break at the drop. Maybe not, lemme double check . . . .

God that makes me think of Jubbles.
"Good job H47! You just missed the opportunity for an awesome MemeOrable!"
You shut your not-blog-writing-net-hole! I can STILL do a MemeOrable on this as I gave no more context then 3 awesome videos and some speculation. This dance comes from SOMEWHERE and so does that dance. So hA! Now I have FIVE posts that I wont finish. Thank you!

Thank you H47ites, for coming along. Hopefully next time in a "normal" post!

Friday, February 8, 2013


I know! I know. Almost two weeks, but don't worry. I FEEL IT! I feel like there may be things in the future for me to truly expound upon.
And since the only things I want to talk about are somewhat "serious" things and I promised a silly post, here are things I've found that I love and perhaps you have not come across all of them already.

Enjoy . . . .

Confession: I liked Sucker Punch.
And you should have as well!!!! Here's why.


And in a return to the ever present discussion about "girl stuff" I saw this awesome post from the Mary Sue
and I looked at the bow and thought. I would rock that bow even though it does have pink on it, it actually makes it cool. So there!
Wanna know why?

Oh yeah, he's in SJ Sunday around noon, and then at DNA in the City Monday Night. Hit me up if you want to come along NERDLIFE!!!

Oh yeah, and there's this awesome thing . . .

And I realize in retrospect I could have broken these things into separate posts BUT FUCK YOU ITS MY BLOG and they Might not have been topical (THERE IS NO CREAM FOR THAT!) by the time it posted so there!
Later H47ites! I now have to flesh out a game I'm not ready for while jonesin to play wow while trying to be properly productive. We'll see how it goes.