Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Popped by Loli

Sucker punch was not for suckers, it DID have punch. What are the critics saying? I like to delude myself into thinking I can be a smart ass who can tear things apart but I don't feel THAT on this movie. It did have issues, but not to the extent I hear.
As it came out I heard all kinds of Hater-ade on this movie, and I was very scared it would be well founded. So, I did the right thing, I went and saw it for myself.
I don't see what anyone's problem was. The music was awesome, there was a ton of eye-candy, there was adequate amounts of violence and baddassery.
I think maybe some people had issues with the worlds within worlds. I guess I had an "unfair advantage" as I had watched a few behind the scenes shows before seeing it and had an idea of what to expect. But honestly, thinking back on it, there were many queues and styles from one world into the next. My father-in-law-to-be saw it with us and as far as I could tell he was able to follow and this guy is, at best, a latent geek.

So, what? The story did not have enough depth? Was it too confusing to follow who's story it was? Oh yeah, sorry if you got this far and start realizing spoilers, everybody hated it so if you want to go see it now I might have ruined it, whatever.

No, the story is not overly complex, I think that is fine considering you're trying to get all this info into one feature length package. Maybe this should have been a video game or a mini-series so you had more than the hour & a half time frame. I don't know.
I loved it and If there had been more male characters to cosplay that weren't creepers or old bald dudes, I would totally be rocking some of those outfits. I saw some baby-dolls at Wondercon and hope to see the rest of the crew as this movie becomes the cult hit it should be, Like 9!
(looks around for his review of 9. Doesn't find it. Realizes he might want to do that. Or not, since it's no longer topical and also died even though it was awesome. Is bitter.)
Yo haters & trolls, go get a spike in your eye!

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