Friday, May 31, 2013

Meme-orable: Techno Vike-meme

Behold and be blessed by his Technoness & his Nordicness
Techno Viking!

Usually I have a long explanation about these things or something, but this one just needs to exist on my blog, for me. Enjoy

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

FBCD '13 & SWDay(s)

Hanging with Kenneth Rocafort at New Comic Book Day. Yeah, he came and did some signing at Legends Comics & Games. Well, I more hung out with his sister/translator/personal assistant as he was very busy DRAWING AWESOME THINGS FOR THE FIRST 10 SIGNEES & EMPLOYEES!.
And of course, had to get my first printing "First Look" & Issue #1 of Madame Mirage written by Paul Dini! Like a Boss
The Forth MAY not have been with me but there was revenge on the Fifth & Sixth! I wore my Star Wars Tie that Saturday and then Sunday & Monday I channeled the force and confirmed an event that will have some DEFINITE influences and I will keep you guys updated as that progresses.

Awesome, Right!?

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Stay Tuned

I know, almost two full weeks since my last update, BUT STAY TUNED! In this blogs future there is a comic blog, a twitch feed blog, two different blade blogs and a blog about how burritos can effect level progression. A couple of them may be combined into the same blog but trust me, ther is content, I just need to finish a few things, LIKE

Updated Presentation for
"Is It Real?" a Blade Basics panel at Fanime!

Full presentation & playlist for
"? in the h47!?" Nerdcore 101: a geeky rap primer at Fanime (with tentative special Guest Rai Kamashiro )

A Presentation to pitch a small Nerdy variety show to include Nerdcore covers, some excerpts from my Nerdy Musical "D20" (which is finished minus some music), a "space laser sword" fight, and my one act "F.T.W."

More on that later!

Thanks for hanging in there h47ites!

If you're like "I WANT FUNNIES h47! then click down after the break for some goodies!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Birdie & WoW Cards

Sorry for running this update a little later than usual. Been busy.

I'm helping The Blave with a Musical that is adorable, fun, and really good. I'm not saying it will change your life, but it IS good fun theatre. Go SEE IT! LIMITED ENGAGEMENT!

And also, I've been playing Magic The Gathering a little with T1nk, and playing WoW The TCG A LOT with some of my old guildies.
Just like in ACTUAL WoW we like running instances and raids, so we invest in the "Event Decks" quite a bit. We ran Black Temple recently,
 and it was fairly cool. Managed to handle it but it was a real good challenge as we kept things moving but it never felt like we were just murdering the event.
I am really stoked to try the "self run" event decks such as the Instances (Classics like Scarlet Monastary, Shadowfang Keep & Deadmines) and the newest, Caverns of Time!
"Self Run" meaning no One Player has to play as the event so all players can get in on the action.
I have a "raid spec'd" Shammy deck that I've been running since the card game came out (with tweaks of course) and now I've been designated the group Druid, so I will be looking into synergies and fun mechanics for that.
Not to mention, the bug is catching a bit at Legends and I hope to be hosting events within a few months, so stay tuned!