Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Birdie & WoW Cards

Sorry for running this update a little later than usual. Been busy.

I'm helping The Blave with a Musical that is adorable, fun, and really good. I'm not saying it will change your life, but it IS good fun theatre. Go SEE IT! LIMITED ENGAGEMENT!

And also, I've been playing Magic The Gathering a little with T1nk, and playing WoW The TCG A LOT with some of my old guildies.
Just like in ACTUAL WoW we like running instances and raids, so we invest in the "Event Decks" quite a bit. We ran Black Temple recently,
 and it was fairly cool. Managed to handle it but it was a real good challenge as we kept things moving but it never felt like we were just murdering the event.
I am really stoked to try the "self run" event decks such as the Instances (Classics like Scarlet Monastary, Shadowfang Keep & Deadmines) and the newest, Caverns of Time!
"Self Run" meaning no One Player has to play as the event so all players can get in on the action.
I have a "raid spec'd" Shammy deck that I've been running since the card game came out (with tweaks of course) and now I've been designated the group Druid, so I will be looking into synergies and fun mechanics for that.
Not to mention, the bug is catching a bit at Legends and I hope to be hosting events within a few months, so stay tuned!

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