Wednesday, May 29, 2013

FBCD '13 & SWDay(s)

Hanging with Kenneth Rocafort at New Comic Book Day. Yeah, he came and did some signing at Legends Comics & Games. Well, I more hung out with his sister/translator/personal assistant as he was very busy DRAWING AWESOME THINGS FOR THE FIRST 10 SIGNEES & EMPLOYEES!.
And of course, had to get my first printing "First Look" & Issue #1 of Madame Mirage written by Paul Dini! Like a Boss
The Forth MAY not have been with me but there was revenge on the Fifth & Sixth! I wore my Star Wars Tie that Saturday and then Sunday & Monday I channeled the force and confirmed an event that will have some DEFINITE influences and I will keep you guys updated as that progresses.

Awesome, Right!?

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