Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Texts to Self Fanime Recap!

Fanime! Day 0: Rode line ride twice. Brought stuff up from car thrice. Ended up sweatin dice.

Day1: Went home. Tacked stripes onto a corset. Came back & ate in room. Got pissed in dealers hall. Went back to room to eat. Walked more. Rovers told me i cant plug in there, but i can plug in here. Had a great night without actually being at con.

D2: shaved, walked, pizza, paneled. Sushi/donuts. Got flyers for store. Dropped them off at dojo and got talked up. Munchkin, pizza. Walked, creeped/chivalried, la vics, MADNESS!

D3: rocked check out. Home, shower, phish, chat, fam med issues, dm prep, promo. Prep & promo turned into playtesting with mom & daughter couple from hawaii, walked, got knapped, pubbed & celtic musicd, walked. Set up for pathfinder, waited, waited, waited, freaked out, waited. relieved. Combat, drop off co-worker, home.

D4: late, artist alley table hi-jack. trio of sexy pokemon. trio of sexy pokemon in dealers hall. Traitor customer "motivated" with phish. walked. Iguana'd. walked. pics. home!

I took . . . 2 pictures total, and they are up HERE, I'm sure T1nk will have a much more detailed, pic-filled post . . by the end of the month?

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Fanime 2011

I'm at Fanime mouthafuggers!

Since our store wont have a booth at fanime this year I will be attending as per normal. We shall see whether or not I hijack a booth like I did last year for some impromptu nerdcoreness. Or if filled wiht enough bravado from friends I might just start busting rhymes at random.

I will also be guerrilla gaming all weekend. Some homeboys who wont break down and pay the cash to attend will try to sneak into the gaming hall for D&D OR we'll just procure some tables on the concourse and play to the sounds of Stage 0 shenanigans.

Also, check out the Twilight Knights Dojo where Master Ben Hsu will be laying down Martial Arts knowledge, and BONUS! My store is doing combo packs for training for that. Get em quick, we will probably sell out.

So keep an eye out for my vaguely famous headgear and say hi. See you web-space cowboys!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Twilight Can Suck My Neck!


Actually, that's a lie I have many reasons why I'm excited. Let me explain further with a tantalizing Banner, eh?