Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Finding a Path Through Third and a Half

Aright table top nerds, here's how I break it down.

I have played version 3.5 D&D for about six years now, fairly familiar with the system, I can make all sorts of builds and my group(s) and I can come up with mechanics for most issues we encounter.

Recently, some players in my group started using/buying Pathfinder. The words "Three point seven-five" were muttered constantly and once two members of the group purchased books and the D.M. downloaded the pdf's we actually played a couple campaigns. I have since broken down and purchased the Core and the APG and done massive builds due to a high power one shot we had two months to prep for.

If you can, or want to, buy Pathfinder. I wont lie, its shiny, new and sexy, BUT, it does address a lot of mechanic/customizable options and makes the super-customizable 3.5 into a massive awesomeness.
If money is tight or you have ALL the books for 3.5 already, no pressure to switch.
However, if one person buys the Pathfinder books, you are SCREWED if a second person buys the books.

3.5 is the original, and has "the real system" but Pathfinder was originally intended to be a massive supplement to 3.5, or at least that was the impression I got from reading some of opening notes, and it turned into this massive project.

Fun fact, Pathfinder taught me that Vash The Stampede

& Alucard
exist in D&D, eh?

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I've Been Drilled

So, I finished watching LvB all the way through and it was great.

I don't give a damn if some of it was predictable. I don't care that near the end of the series things became very ridiculous (not as ridiculous as it had been if you think about it.) And I only care a little bit that the ending was not as amazing as it should have been for the series . . .
I think this show MUST have another, if not MORE, seasons.
I will be upset if this show doesn't get picked up for multiple seasons. Much worse animes have run over ten seasons, but then of course they were popular due to eight year olds and picked up by Adult Swim, so, who knows.

Either way it was a very fun anime, the animation was fantastic all the way through and I feel the universe has SOOO much life that I enjoyed the character nuances and think there is so much untapped story. I highly recommend this anime. It is short, it is fun, great fan service, good gags. If you know me, ask and I'll try and get you a copy. I honestly want to purchase this when a U.S. compatible DVD becomes available.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

3rd 4 t3h Nrrd: Dec. '10


( buy one! )

Check it h47ites, FRIDAY! FRIDAY! FRIDAY! from 5pm till whenever at night, SJSU, HGH 226, I will be hosting a Nerdcore Night.

fast at 5 as soon as I can get the system set up I will be showing
Nerdcore For Life for my hardcore homies who have there fingers on the pulse of nerdcore and what its like to NOT be MC Frontalot performing at PAX.

we will then be listening to some choice Nerdcore tunes, as I DJ them,

the second showing ever of F.T.W. a blessedly short one act written by me and perfromed by some of the nerdiest theatre kids I know.

A showing of
Nerdcore Rising !!!

Rumors of food, so come by.

S.G.I.S.Con V

Con Five is ALIVE!!

The Theme is TEA PARTY!

The dates are JANUARY 2011, FRIDAY 14nth, SATURDAY 15nth, SUNDAY 16nth, and MONDAY 17nth!

Do not show up before 10 am on Friday please!

Registration is "open" its the same $25 dollars a head. If you can't handle this, contact me or T1nk. If you don't we will assume you are not coming as we will not have your money.

This year T1nk and I are not so hot financially, so we will not be able to help cover costs until people show up, SO, please get me the money by any means possible before or on JANUARY 2011, WEDNESDAY 12th BEFORE WE GO SHOPPING FOR FOOD. This means if you are paying by Paypal make sure to allow for however long it takes for it to process from your bank, into paypal, then into my bank.

If you have issue with paying for foods for the weekend contact us, we will try and work something out.

The cap limit is 25 (TWENTY FIVE!) PEOPLE, just like last year, many couples are slated to attend so get your registration in quick. I will be keeping a tab, so contact me as soon as you send money my way OR/AND make sure I put your name(s) in my book.

So many people enjoy this weekend long nerdcamp that I could not bring myself to cancel it. However, it has gotten progressively more shitty to organize without any pay and worrying about people all weekend so please help me keep putting this shindig together by keeping the drama and bullshit to a minimum. If you have ANY questions about ANYTHING to do with this event, PLEASE contact one of us and we will try to resolve something.

If you magically wish to donate to this event more than registration or even just as a Birthday/Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanza/Graduation/Guilt Present, we will find a way to recognize you (or not, Epyon Avenger, I'm looking at you) for your contribution, whatever it may be. Contact us if your contribution is not monetary.

Aright kids, lets keep things all "two lumps O' sugar" up in here and have a kickin' Sad Geek In Snow Con V!!
(word up to Bri Chan and her awesome skills)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

HI! Ate! US!

Still drifting with all this class work, trying my best not to install cataclysm so I have chance of finishing my degree.

I have like 4 or so Nerdcore Artists ready to be put up for our monthly focus, so no worries there.

Just hang in there with me till next Tuesday after 5pm, we should return to our regularly scheduled ridiculousness.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

That Old Song and Dance

yes, 3rd 4 teh nrrd is late, and postponed, as well as Tuesday the 7nth's post, Due to Homework. (no, not cataclysm as I had hoped, but homework.) Hopefully this will be the last time due to homework as this should be my last semester and I will receive my Bachelors.

Despair not, h47ities, for as compensation, I will post two nerd-music things this month as well as try to get a meme-orable up along side a Tuesday post AND

a special event.

Thanks to TRFT Independent at SJSU
we will be having a screening of both Nerdcore for Life & Nerdcore Rising, a Nerdcore Listening hour, some refreshments, and a special performance of "F.T.W." a very short nerdgasmic play written by myself.

SJSU, HGH 226 @ 5 pm till 10pm (or later, sometimes things run long)
Be there if you're a square!