Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I've Been Drilled

So, I finished watching LvB all the way through and it was great.

I don't give a damn if some of it was predictable. I don't care that near the end of the series things became very ridiculous (not as ridiculous as it had been if you think about it.) And I only care a little bit that the ending was not as amazing as it should have been for the series . . .
I think this show MUST have another, if not MORE, seasons.
I will be upset if this show doesn't get picked up for multiple seasons. Much worse animes have run over ten seasons, but then of course they were popular due to eight year olds and picked up by Adult Swim, so, who knows.

Either way it was a very fun anime, the animation was fantastic all the way through and I feel the universe has SOOO much life that I enjoyed the character nuances and think there is so much untapped story. I highly recommend this anime. It is short, it is fun, great fan service, good gags. If you know me, ask and I'll try and get you a copy. I honestly want to purchase this when a U.S. compatible DVD becomes available.

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