Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Blaze of Glory

So, I sat and stared at the "New Post" template for about 48 minutes and could not come up with ANYTHING I wanted to get into. As well as Tosh.0 playing in the background makes for a serious distraction. HOWEVER, it did give me an idea for a post. For many of my dedicated readers/stalkers/peopleIknowIRL this will not be knew, however, I do feel this video has a sense of humor that sings to me and I strongly believe in the values it espouses. If you're in my shop and hear one of us yell "Kansul Krizmus!" or "Get yourself a Spyderco Saaage" now you will get the joke. Enjoy.

Thanks to the Cajun Blaze for being his awesome southern self.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

H47 Was Closed . . .

Due to AIDS!, I mean, S.G.I.S.Con V.

Sorry about that, Sgiscon kicked my but and all I did yesterday was unload the car and try not to be exhausted. And catch up on twitter, holly hell, it literally took me like three hours. No joke.

Some Hi-lights from the weekend include:

H47-Cake! There will be pics eventually, it was delicious, custom to my specs, delicious, and awesome.

There was Nantleing, it was naughty.

Lack of internet, I assume inspired even MORE nerdery in social capacities.

"Its so adorable I could punch a goblin!"

As well as putting encounter monsters in mason jars, oh yes!

Thats just the tip, as I'm sure you are aware. more to come later this week or perhaps a full recap and some pics for next week, we shall see.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

MOM! The Game Wont Let Me Play the Way I Want

Imma talk about some bullshit!

World of Warcraft: wait, don't get ahead of me, let me tell you.

Oh yeah, spoilers, yadda yadda, duh, get over it.

In Hyjal, at least twice, I was seriously annoyed. You're supposed to talk to this satyr who's been chained up for a few centuries and be like "nice Mr. evil man, I know your evil, but the twilight dudes gonna destroy the world, help please?" Im okay with that, sure, redeem people whateva. Then he's like "get me this stuff noob for no good reason." and my bullshit alarm goes off in my head, but fine, I gather this crap for him, and what happens?! exactly what you'd expect, the mats set him free and he cackles, now there's another boss in the new raid, I don't know this for sure, but that's the impression I get.
Then! I encounter this ancient who's on fire, he's all emo and shit cause he's a tree . . . on fire, I understand, but I kill the mobs attacking him an d I'm also a FROST MAGE!!! Fire? I fuck fire for breakfast. Yes, I said that. I'm standing there like, "Dude, Mr. McBranchhands, i got this," but NOOOOO, he's like, "take this seed it is the life giver," or some druidic shit like that, and I'm all bummed now. Thanks.

Fable III:
This is some bullshit in this game. At least in two everyone died in a way you had no control over, and the only complaint I had was the inability to kill reaver even though he totally deserved it. In three, everyone dies right in front of you and you cant stop it because its stupid cutscene bullshit. First there's that stupid choice between the citizens and your girlfriend and I'm all like "where's the option to stab my brother and become king?" but no. Then, I accidentally hit the fat noble trying to restore the bridge to the gypsy camp form two. I was down, I made the donation, accidentally had safe off and hit him, guard stopped me, I paid the fine, and then I tried to interact with tubby to play patty-cake with him, maybe dance, make him fell better, but no. no interaction option with Sir Lardo Funnybritches. THEN, the reaver event pissed me off to no end, but I'm like "my character doesn't know, whatever."
Then! They kill Mr. Mustache. My favorite character in the whole game except for Jasper (who they better not kill cause he's John Cleese and in the Sanctuary) gets fuckin shot in the head right in front of me public execution style, no attempts to rescue, stop or even acknowledge that this is not something my character would suffer easily. LAME!
And of course, shortly thereafter. Walter in the pit of stupid shadow doom where magic is not acknowledged except for the stupid shadow pit thing. I would NEVER have left Walter there, I would have fireman carried his chubby ass all the way across that desert, corpse or not.

So there.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

On A Bet

These are two of my buddies Moose (the one in red) and Mario (the one in blue being . . dry humped?) and this pic is titled "Frios Frijoles "

I am posting this pic on a bet that has nothing to do with the picture or where it was taken. If you really must know, I will share the story with you elsewhere.

As I've said before, the more obscure the joke, the funnier it is.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Very Busy With Nothing to Do

Even though I am currently not working full time hours, I am not in school right now, nor am I currently in a show, I somehow manage to still only have one day a week where I don't have obligations to do anything.
With Planning for SGISCon V, some depressing news about whether or not I am actually graduating, car trouble, and my sixth year anniversary with Theatreg33k (see it's not ALL bad, just busy) I seem to have worked myself into a phunk.

Don't worry h47ites, I have serious desire to write and bitch and bullshit, but today I'm out of fuel and I hope you will understand.

For shiggles, I recommend doing something I do often (narcisistic much?) go back into my archives or even scroll WWAAAYY back in my twitter feed and find some gems from before you began reading here, OR if you are magically one of the handful who have read everything I have written, then I have some homework for you:

find me a nerdcore artist I haven't done a 3rd 4 t3h nrrd for yet, tell me about your RPG/table top game/ idea you had, or tell me something about WoW/your guild/your video game experience.
Bonus points if you write a guest post, I will try to feature it

thanks again for hanging in here with me, more to come, later.

Monday, January 3, 2011

3rd 4 t3h Nrrd: Jan. '11

I do my best to represent the ladies, because they do exist! Contrary to popular beliefs there are females on the internet and they can do all the things boys can, better.

The First Lady of Nerdcore is the unstoppable MC Router. This rad chick has been rockin' it nerdy-nice since 2004 at least. One of the founding members of L337 G34k B34t, and more recently a solo artist she's prolific and represents hard. Throwing down at shows, touring with other Nerdcore luminaries, a featured interviewee in both Nerdcore For Life & Nerdcore Rising, Router is a loud and proud Nerdcore Player.

This babe is not just a pretty face with some alluring 8-bit breasticle ink. Not only can she throw down mad flow and quick lyrics she is a consummate musician, knowing how to play like 800 instruments.

Not satisfied with being an internet celebrity she has reached out to the international audience as well. Some nerds like to wear the "big in Japan" shirts, well Router can claim acclaim in Europe! Her music video below was even featured on an actual television network. I don't think more than a handful of Nerdcore artists can claim that outside public access, and she is one of them.

Even if you're one of those people who don't like her voice, even if you have beef about the Nursehella conflict, you CAN NOT deny that MC Router deserves mad respect, was doin' it first, doin' it longer, and has been doin' it more, Livin' & rappin, Nerdcore!