Monday, January 3, 2011

3rd 4 t3h Nrrd: Jan. '11

I do my best to represent the ladies, because they do exist! Contrary to popular beliefs there are females on the internet and they can do all the things boys can, better.

The First Lady of Nerdcore is the unstoppable MC Router. This rad chick has been rockin' it nerdy-nice since 2004 at least. One of the founding members of L337 G34k B34t, and more recently a solo artist she's prolific and represents hard. Throwing down at shows, touring with other Nerdcore luminaries, a featured interviewee in both Nerdcore For Life & Nerdcore Rising, Router is a loud and proud Nerdcore Player.

This babe is not just a pretty face with some alluring 8-bit breasticle ink. Not only can she throw down mad flow and quick lyrics she is a consummate musician, knowing how to play like 800 instruments.

Not satisfied with being an internet celebrity she has reached out to the international audience as well. Some nerds like to wear the "big in Japan" shirts, well Router can claim acclaim in Europe! Her music video below was even featured on an actual television network. I don't think more than a handful of Nerdcore artists can claim that outside public access, and she is one of them.

Even if you're one of those people who don't like her voice, even if you have beef about the Nursehella conflict, you CAN NOT deny that MC Router deserves mad respect, was doin' it first, doin' it longer, and has been doin' it more, Livin' & rappin, Nerdcore!

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