Wednesday, January 19, 2011

H47 Was Closed . . .

Due to AIDS!, I mean, S.G.I.S.Con V.

Sorry about that, Sgiscon kicked my but and all I did yesterday was unload the car and try not to be exhausted. And catch up on twitter, holly hell, it literally took me like three hours. No joke.

Some Hi-lights from the weekend include:

H47-Cake! There will be pics eventually, it was delicious, custom to my specs, delicious, and awesome.

There was Nantleing, it was naughty.

Lack of internet, I assume inspired even MORE nerdery in social capacities.

"Its so adorable I could punch a goblin!"

As well as putting encounter monsters in mason jars, oh yes!

Thats just the tip, as I'm sure you are aware. more to come later this week or perhaps a full recap and some pics for next week, we shall see.

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