Monday, June 24, 2013

Beat That Poor Passed on Equine

I have a much longer post in shambles of an outline that this sort of thing was supposed to cover in great detail, perhaps even some sort of mega arc post that would span several pages.

But I came across a post on a friends tumbler and I had a small thought and felt I needed to elaborate on it in some way that was public.

And I know we see these sort of things and this sort of post ON tumblr, twitter, Facebook.
But this is my platform, my soapbox so here is where it shall be.
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But the thought that I had was this.
The "fake geek girl" and "Girly geek" and "cosplay is consent" panels . . . yes, they are exhaustive, sometimes it seems like you can only cover the same topic so many times, "yeah yeah, get over it"
But you know what? No.
Keep hosting it, keep discussing it, keep telling the stories and never believe it doesn't make a difference.

When I was growing up we had the anti-drug campaigns. And we got that propaganda drilled into our heads, "say no to drugs" and now that I'm older, I know that certain, perfectly legal things, are arguably, more dangerous than things that are illegal, but I have come to my own conclusions on that as I've grown. But I believe, that as a result of those campaigns, I stayed away from many substances, legal and otherwise, not out of fear, but out of the education of them. The constant discussion, the knowledge, kept me from going down paths I might have explored had I not had that information available to me.

I think it's the same way with Equal Rights (any variation thereof, and there are a lot. some more relevant to this conversation than others) and that the more we discuss these things, the more conscious we will become of them, and that others will stay conscious of them, and those who grow up after us will look at these things and say "wow, look how silly they were back then. Well, some of these things are cool, but dude, did they have a skewed perspective" much as we do to our past today.

So I guess it comes down to education, as much of my life is centered around. Education and the nurturing of critical thought. Otherwise you are an ignorant animal controlled by emotions, not the enlightened creatures we masquerade as.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Do You Even Cut, Bro!?

Even though the Blade Shop is no more, it lives on in our hearts, and SWORDS!
So, not only did I need some video of cutting & cheap sword breaking for my Fanime Panel, some of the A.G. Crew (some fave customers included) got together for Cut testing & destroying things!

It was VERY chill sort of munchies and BS fest. We talked of Mall Ninjas* and Bad Unicorns** we'd encountered since our last encounters. Spencer of course dropped a wonderful gem on us, paraphrasing the ridiculous "Do you even lift, Bro?" into a version much more suited for us . . . "Do you even Cut, Bro!?"
and yes, yes we do.

When we got to the part where we were going to break the cheap sword we got all worked up and ready to snap that bad boy . . . and then we had a serious Mythbusters moment where something totally unexpected and awesome happened.

Of course, all those awesome signs we printed over the years for the store and various cons, most of them were printed on one particularly insufferable piece of shit. And finally, our revenge was extracted upon it on that day. Cue ridiculously over-violent rap music (a la Office Space)

Unfortunately the vid wouldn't load of us destroying the printer, maybe to big, I dunno. Might find it later somewhere.

It was a good day (Ice Cube style).
And we plan to do it again before too long as we still have a LOT of tatami mats left over.
*Mall Ninja: (Short version) Someone who has all the tactical apparel and gear, and acts & talks like they've been in the Navy Seals when in fact they were never even in Boy Scouts and odds are they've never even been camping. (Long Answer, honestly, allow for a good, half hour/hour? to read the whole thing. Even if you don't understand the jargon, the good parts are easy enough to understand what's going on)

**Bad Unicorn: Something or someone you always though was funny yet terrible but never though you would ever actually see, like a Mall Ninja, or a person(s) dumb enough to try those horrible sex positions people joke about, or anyone who honestly BELIEVES (not "uses the philosophy in a reasonable manner to live their lives") a certain sci-fi movie or it's content is real (Like believing that we live in The Matrix and that they can Wake Up or something like that). It has been decreed that a "bad unicorn" has a disgusting dildo for a horn, is tattered and diseased like a bad WoW undead horse, and has a cutie mark MLP style that is a dick & balls.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Man At Arms

Are you from Corneria?
Do you like swords?
Do you like Tonys?

There are several videos and weapons made.
Oh yeah, and I've known about this dude since 2010, he's the real deal, check his site.
I need to visit next time I'm in SoCal, but I keep getting distracted . .  cause DisneyLand.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


mmmm, 10 hour old Chipotle for breakfast is the best. Thanks D. Weibe for the Bribe-rrito.
Bribe-rrito: Noun - (see also: GM Bribe) A delicious mixture of tortilla and other burrito stuffs, delivered to a game master in order to keep one's character; alive, rolling in xp/hp/gp &/or "phat lewtz"
Ex: "My character took some nasty ability damage, but I brought a bribe-rrito to game and now I have an even BETTER ability mod."