Wednesday, February 24, 2010

memeorable: horse-meme

No, not quite what you might think. But maybe, just a little bit.

Shut Up Woman Get On My Horse

I first heard of this page through YTCracker, whom you might be familiar with, and found it terribly amusing. YT even went so far as to see how long he could go with the single flash page playing all day at his home.

"Horse Pop" lives!

Its quirky, fun, silly, a little gross, and actually fairly good musically.

And, just in case you cant get through the link or have trouble finding it, the URL is literally
how hard is that?
So, tug on it's winky!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

2 Smart Hip Hop Shows

These last couple weeks have been "alternative Hip Hop" heavy.

Monday, Feb. 15nth T1nk & I were up in The City at Cafe Du Nord, a shwanky little place, for the MC Frontalot show (someone whom if you are at this blog you should become familiar with).

Opening act was Ken Flagg (While performing with Front his moniker is Vic20) was good. He had a shout out song called "merced" and I was disappointed to find it was not a depressing song. Flagg has a mellow alternative sound to him, very easy for everyone to listen to.

I really enjoyed Brandon Patton (Blak Lotus). Great songs, great stage presence. Excellent storyteller. When I can afford it I should buy some of his albums. " MUNCHIN THE KOOTCH!"

AND > > > >

FRONT! 2 new singles. Better at Rapping and 1st World Problem from his latest album "Zero Day."
He sang It is Pitch Dark, and a deep cut of Front the Most.
Guests included GMinor7 & MC Lars. The "Encore" was Goth Girls. A blast.

I also got to watch Frontalot have "technical difficulties" while trying to take cards. Since Du Nord is sub-level he had to stand next to the stairs in order to get a solid signal. The approximate quote was "there's a down arrow, no? damnit, work, you fucker" as he waved the phone at the stairway.


Later, Sunday Feb. 21st we found ourselves at The Bottom of The Hill for MC Lars, YTCracker & Kay Flay, with a special surprise guest.

Lars Senior laid down some poetry. Yeah, it was very cool, MC Lars' father was there because it was his 10nth anniversary show and read some prose as an opener.

Next up was a true space man. There was some serious YTCracker love from the central valley as myself and a handful of dudes up front sang along with every song. You could tell just from looking at him YT was a little impressed by us knowing who he was AND loving his music.

Kay flay has mad beats and a new fan in my fiance. This skinny chick just rolled up, threw it down and rocked the house with some alternative, some rap, some beats, some remixes. This girl is a musician in every sense of the word.

Lars was as good as usual, putting all he had into his performance.He was sweating his fool head off but continued to be a true player through the whole set. It was a solid night all the way through.

During his last song, which was Hot Topic Is Not Punk Rock, he called for a mosh pit to form. I was impressed by the concert attendees. A very professional mosh pit formed, only the people who wanted to be in it were involved, the wall was not heavily assaulted and it reformed into crowd with no one being badly injured. Kudos to the moshers at The Bottom Of the Hill that night.

Witty Title About Procrastination

So, I have a few Blogs in the pipe, just running them a little late, so that you know im on it (and so I KNOW im on it) they include:

-the shows ive been to recently (concerts, specifically)

-Core Nerds who aren't Nerd Core

-Art of The Corpse Drop

-The most elaborate RP in WoW that no one's ever heard

and a few MemeOrables that aren't WoW related, I promise . . . Mostly.

We be geeks. Peace.


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Nerdcore Vid Sampler

Some delicious deep cuts from some hardcore Nerdcore Artists. (yes I love food metaphors)


ALSO! Want something a little more pedestrian but still incredibly, indellibly, & tele-V Nerdy?!

and, a nice vid of one of my fave "nerdcore theme songs"

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Meme-Orable: Memesical thea . . .V, Blogs?

Neil Patrick Harris! Joss Whedon! Nathan Fillion! Felicia Day! HOLY SHIT ITS A GEEKTASTIC SUPER NOVA OF PREFORMING AWESOME! WHAT COULD IT BE!?!?!?

Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog

Yes, the musical comedy starring a fledgling super Villain with a geek credential and pedigree as long as a super star destroyer!

I don't care how you do it, if you enjoy any of the above artists, anything they've ever been associated with, musicals, comic characters, or breathing, find a way to watch this entire show. You owe it to yourself and your children, born or otherwise.

Lastly, I will leave you with this:

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

S.G.I.S.Con IV Recap

Only 1 month late! Okay, so I lied about blogging the entire Con. I was having too much fun actually being at the Con . . . and Raiding. Heh.

A couple resources Care of T1nk The Con Fairy!

If you didn't already know, this year was Star Wars themed. We HAD the Christmas special, but due to technical difficulties we were unable to watch it. However, we did have a showing of "Something Something Something Dark Side" and "Spaceballs" for those who had not been exposed to it's awesomeness.

Overall this year was a success even though there were a few bumps for the management.

We had 2 tv's set up next to each other with a PA system and 5 different systems hooked to them, ACROSS from another TV, with D&D & Laptopery 2 yards to the right and board gaming 1 yard to the left.

Upstairs Sexy Chris and myself had set up our desktops (we had raids Saturday & Sunday night. WoW is SRZ BSNZ. true story, while we did cake and they sang happy birthday, I was IN an Ony 10 and they were waiting for me to do cake cause I had mentioned WHY i was gonna have to AFK for a few minutes.) And there were numerous netbooks as well. Oh, and fun fact . . . Idevices (iPhones, iTouches) will suck up your bandwidth like a 50 cent hooker sucks up . . . water. They have to stay hydrated.

Let me correct myself right now, there was no D&D from late Friday night until late Sunday night there was Pathfinder, led by Steve Wes, and half of the Con rolled characters and proceeded to have ridiculous adventures. I will see if I can get a guest post from Mr. Wes detailing the adventure, but if you cant wait, look HERE.

Closing ceremonies went swiftly and the Sad Geek in Snow this year was Mr. Robe Guy, he also donned a snuggy a few times and accepted his new "friend" graciously.
I hope you all had as much or more fun than I did and I will leave you with one last peace of shameless self admiration. This was caught by T1nk/theatreg33k while I was stretching my pipes. You can also hear the shenanigans of the Pathfinder group in the background, just as amusing. Thanks, love.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

3rd 4 t3h Nrrd: Feb. '10

Kabuto the Python is a mythical beast 50 feet long covered in spiky scales. Or something like that. He might also be MC Frontalot's bad alter ego as some theories have suggested. But whether these two pieces of trivia are true, what is true is that this Guy Fawkes mask wearing, hat-core, dirty sounding, star wars referencing nerdcore artist has skills.

A member of Scrub Club Records Kabuto has been laying down steam since around '07. A constant contributor to Rhyme Torrents, I also grabbed his Parsletongue album as soon as it was available for download.

He's got a gritty sound, hes got great flow, his lyrical style has just enough twists and turns that I cant come up with what his next rhyme is gonna be, but still enough cussing to keep that smack talking vibe that not only comes from the street but chat rooms, Ventrillo, and X-Box Live.
I get the feeling Nerdcore is what Kabuto is living. Some people flame and bitch about his mask, his style, his unsolicited grudges with other recognized geeks. I think they need to lighten up. Maybe its that plastic grin painted onto his mask but I get the feeling its all good to The Python. He gets down in the trenches of forums and V-blogs on youtube BACK! And He fully embraces his persona as a big bad mutha-fuckin rap snake machine thing. I may be an RP sucker, but I respect someone who sticks to character. On top of that, all that I've seen of him has been . . . real. If you can ever apply that to a Nerdcore Rapper who wears a mask and wont give his "mortal" identity. I mean, he's not cruel, yet he wont think twice about coming down on you if you talk shit, and hes not malicious even though he will carry a grudge until he finishes it. Maybe I'm not totally explaining this correctly, but hopefully you get an idea. This speaks to me as loud as a good mix and some fast words.

I will keep my eye on Kabuto The Python, even if it's only to keep from being swallowed whole!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

3rd 4 t3h nrrd update

Our monthly nerdcore focus is currently in the works. I have an artist and I've written most of the article. I just need to finish the last touches. so, day or two late, but in my studies I have begun to further my Nerdcore exposure and hope to have an entire stable of new geek rappers to throw at you.

In other Nerdcore news . . .

MC FRONTALOT WILL BE IN SF Feb 15th and I will probably be there.

He has finished his latest album and it will be out in April!
He is in the running for a Shorty Award. GO VOTE!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Know Your Role . . . in WoW: DPS

L2DPS, when your tank is not cookie cutter spec, when your healer isn't geared, why dps SHOULDN'T be a dime a dozen!

Hello again WoW enthusiasts. Termenus, your friendly neighborhood frostie mage-tank, here once more. Today I come to talk to you about something other than my love of frost, my hatred of A-holes, nor how there should be an "of Stonard" title for the number of times my raid members took my port without looking where they're clicking.

No. Today is for people who suck at dps. No, not people who have low damage or slow "deeps" as the kids have been using colloquially. T3h sk1llz, if you will. I have been dps from day one and although I am making forays into tanking and healing, my first toon was a hunter. You want to talk about managing aggroe, talk to a hunter player from pre-BC/post -mob stats- wow. (in early WoW your pet had the same stats as the mob you tamed, effectively having an equiv level mob for help, they fixed that later) You had to pay attention to your pets aggroe and how fast you were shooting, what crits you would hit. Have you ever heard of the "two growl/sunder rule" ? I sure have.

My entire "High End/Hard Core" career has been as a frost mage and for good reason. When I first rolled a mage (early/pre-BC) I recognized them as a fun nuke with a low aggroe rotation. This was a bonus to me as I had been an aggroe magnet on my hunter numerous times in old 5-mans. I had heard numerous horror stories of dps over-aggroeing and pulling the mob, getting mass healed by the healer, getting squished because you're not the friggin tank, then getting the healer killed . . . WIPE! I felt, as a vital part of a combat unit, that this was part of the job and managment of this sort of thing was necessary.


When I first started raiding we had the 3 second dps lag. As soon as the tank would pull, heals would keep em up, they would get aggroe (back when 25-mans meant 3+ tanks), then after 3 full seconds raid leaders would call for dps, and they would start in. Many of us who new each other very well, and were fairly high crit dps, would even start out slow before really laying into the boss. Personally, I would wand 3 times, frostbolt 3 times THEN I would pop CD's and roll on up the damage meter.

This was during BC when tanking was a bit different mechanic and too many crits meant aggro for you and your closest friends. Sylvanis forbid you got a string of 3 or more crits, the boss would turn, stomp you down and then move on to your closest relatives and ask them "why, dear Arthas, why would you crit that much in a raid situation, did he think he was in PvP? How did you raise this child?!" And then stomp them into a gooey pulp.

Now I will be the first to admit (when asked directly, no need to tip my hand) that my dps is not as high as other equivalently geared mages (fire & arcane are still higher output) BUT! I have been doing high end content with my guild for almost something like two years now and I am always a welcome raider, from fellow dps up to our GM. Why? Cause I know my class, I know my spec, I know the fights, I listen, and I know how to manage my aggroe. Whenever I mage tank, it's by choice, or someone else missed something.
More so now then ever before any idiot can power level to 80, farm gear for raiding up to the highest content, and go apeshit when the boss is pulled.
Most dps I encounter lately don't have any indication of letting the tank get aggroe. Due to the changes made by blizzard all the the new tank specs allow mediocre tanks to hold mobs while high damage output goes crazy.
That's nice and all, but dps needs to go go the other way. Many of us like to play in weird and different ways we should strive to excel in our roles, regardless of spec. When tanks and healers don't follow the standard specs groups bemoan them and drop them, if dps is poor they just let the other Dps pick up the slack. Ooh, sure, there are 2 more in the party and there are hundreds more waiting to get in. I call bullshit.
No, what I just said was true, but good dps know how to wait to let a tank gain threat before attacking. This allows the healer some time to get the rhythm of the pull and hopefully the dps wont take any excess damage. Or if the healer is the weak role, same. So many of us are so concerned with damage output optimization, proper rotation, and jumping to the top of the recount meter. That's nice and all, to have a huge epeen/wow-wang and to watch those crit numbers roll up the screen. BUT, to me these Are the sings of someone who has gear and a spec. Woohoo, you found Elitist Jerks and made it to 80.

Now really impress me. Play your role with class. Help your tank and heals. I like to use the joke "healbot" and "shieldbot/meatshield." But most of these digs are in jest and with comradeship. Lets stop being dpsbots and start being excellent damage roles. Enrage timers make us necessary but strategy fights require us to be superb, and very few fights are Patchwerk.

Termenus; Lord Of Ancient Sin - Cenarius, Mage of the Grave Chill, Frost Imp, Mage Tank Extraordinare, Crusader, Ambassador, "of Stonard," Shadoweave Tailor, Goblin Engineer