Tuesday, February 23, 2010

2 Smart Hip Hop Shows

These last couple weeks have been "alternative Hip Hop" heavy.

Monday, Feb. 15nth T1nk & I were up in The City at Cafe Du Nord, a shwanky little place, for the MC Frontalot show (someone whom if you are at this blog you should become familiar with).

Opening act was Ken Flagg (While performing with Front his moniker is Vic20) was good. He had a shout out song called "merced" and I was disappointed to find it was not a depressing song. Flagg has a mellow alternative sound to him, very easy for everyone to listen to.

I really enjoyed Brandon Patton (Blak Lotus). Great songs, great stage presence. Excellent storyteller. When I can afford it I should buy some of his albums. " MUNCHIN THE KOOTCH!"

AND > > > >

FRONT! 2 new singles. Better at Rapping and 1st World Problem from his latest album "Zero Day."
He sang It is Pitch Dark, and a deep cut of Front the Most.
Guests included GMinor7 & MC Lars. The "Encore" was Goth Girls. A blast.

I also got to watch Frontalot have "technical difficulties" while trying to take cards. Since Du Nord is sub-level he had to stand next to the stairs in order to get a solid signal. The approximate quote was "there's a down arrow, no? damnit, work, you fucker" as he waved the phone at the stairway.


Later, Sunday Feb. 21st we found ourselves at The Bottom of The Hill for MC Lars, YTCracker & Kay Flay, with a special surprise guest.

Lars Senior laid down some poetry. Yeah, it was very cool, MC Lars' father was there because it was his 10nth anniversary show and read some prose as an opener.

Next up was a true space man. There was some serious YTCracker love from the central valley as myself and a handful of dudes up front sang along with every song. You could tell just from looking at him YT was a little impressed by us knowing who he was AND loving his music.

Kay flay has mad beats and a new fan in my fiance. This skinny chick just rolled up, threw it down and rocked the house with some alternative, some rap, some beats, some remixes. This girl is a musician in every sense of the word.

Lars was as good as usual, putting all he had into his performance.He was sweating his fool head off but continued to be a true player through the whole set. It was a solid night all the way through.

During his last song, which was Hot Topic Is Not Punk Rock, he called for a mosh pit to form. I was impressed by the concert attendees. A very professional mosh pit formed, only the people who wanted to be in it were involved, the wall was not heavily assaulted and it reformed into crowd with no one being badly injured. Kudos to the moshers at The Bottom Of the Hill that night.

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