Tuesday, February 9, 2010

S.G.I.S.Con IV Recap

Only 1 month late! Okay, so I lied about blogging the entire Con. I was having too much fun actually being at the Con . . . and Raiding. Heh.

A couple resources Care of T1nk The Con Fairy!

If you didn't already know, this year was Star Wars themed. We HAD the Christmas special, but due to technical difficulties we were unable to watch it. However, we did have a showing of "Something Something Something Dark Side" and "Spaceballs" for those who had not been exposed to it's awesomeness.

Overall this year was a success even though there were a few bumps for the management.

We had 2 tv's set up next to each other with a PA system and 5 different systems hooked to them, ACROSS from another TV, with D&D & Laptopery 2 yards to the right and board gaming 1 yard to the left.

Upstairs Sexy Chris and myself had set up our desktops (we had raids Saturday & Sunday night. WoW is SRZ BSNZ. true story, while we did cake and they sang happy birthday, I was IN an Ony 10 and they were waiting for me to do cake cause I had mentioned WHY i was gonna have to AFK for a few minutes.) And there were numerous netbooks as well. Oh, and fun fact . . . Idevices (iPhones, iTouches) will suck up your bandwidth like a 50 cent hooker sucks up . . . water. They have to stay hydrated.

Let me correct myself right now, there was no D&D from late Friday night until late Sunday night there was Pathfinder, led by Steve Wes, and half of the Con rolled characters and proceeded to have ridiculous adventures. I will see if I can get a guest post from Mr. Wes detailing the adventure, but if you cant wait, look HERE.

Closing ceremonies went swiftly and the Sad Geek in Snow this year was Mr. Robe Guy, he also donned a snuggy a few times and accepted his new "friend" graciously.
I hope you all had as much or more fun than I did and I will leave you with one last peace of shameless self admiration. This was caught by T1nk/theatreg33k while I was stretching my pipes. You can also hear the shenanigans of the Pathfinder group in the background, just as amusing. Thanks, love.

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