Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Halloween 09

Great, I spent one of the coolest holidays in The Valley (do streetview, its inspiring, NOT) without the aid of my fiance. The better half got sick, most likely the flue and she was actually looking forward to coming along and doing some pumpkin carving. Oh well. I managed to crack one of my own out. Wow-heads, look familiar? Eh?

All was not lost. My little sister was entertaining as I dragged her, her 2 friends and my other through the streets of the small burg harassing people for candy. I also managed to pull out a neat costume thanks to Theatreg33k by way of GeekGirlDiva. GGD gave Theatreg33k a present at SDCC09 and then T-g33k allowed me to create this rockin/easy costume . . . .
I was a "Buy More Ass. Man." After extensive research of the show Chuck, the best I could gather was that these shirts don't actually exist in that world. (they were an Entertainment Earth San Diego Comic Con Exclusive) The management in at Buy More sport slightly fancier duds than their peons. Minus of course, the Nerd Herd (shout out to my boy Moose, rockin the little car)
So, I whipped up a lame nametag in Paint and- BAM! instant amusing anecdote and costume for use in the future.

Happy Halloween, hope yours was better than mine, cause it could have been much worse.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Melody That Folded

My first reference to this Anime was hey-are, and I have since finished watching it.

I had not finished more than three quarters of the series when I realized I had never heard much about it, but I was enjoying it and anxiously awaiting some killer exposition.
It was at this point I decided I was going to look up some reviews, maybe look up some cosplayers, because I was really getting into the world and symbols and concepts, and was jonesin to write a fanfic or develop my own stories from the world.
I found very little, and the little I found was not comforting. One review I found was merciless swearing and bashing of the anime, and frankly, I could see where all of the arguments were formed and found the criticism valid and amusingly graphic. One other review I found was also lamenting of the anime, same emotions without the cursing. And the third and last review I found was was very "meh."

The anime is called Melody of Oblivion, its a semi "monster of the week" with the ever favorite "boy is normal, suddenly becomes bad ass, must save world now" and a decent amount of fan service. If you decide to watch it, be careful, there are constant discrepancies in different translations.

I personally want to give this anime a good review, but the best I can give it is a C- overall.

For anyone who likes their anime to be all put together and be all self contained, explaining the whole thing by the end of the series, (too much to ask, I know) it's not a good deal.
However, I read a lot into the symbols and references and really enjoyed the IDEA of magical/mystical physics/mechanics, for how the combat works, how the abilities develop.

Maybe I should track down if there is a manga, or just forsake it and start my own fanfics or something.

Honestly, as I step back and look at it critically, it is not an AWESOME anime. The hero is lame, the world isn't TOTALLY explained, and, a very Gainax (even though Gainax was the finishing house, not the parent developer) ending makes little sense. BUT! I can not totally discount an anime that inspires me to want to run an RP game set in this universe, write stories for the universe, and cosplay a character of my own design that would make ALOT of sense from that universe IF I understood, the anime correctly.

Also, the soundtrack was AWESOME!, If you can find the whole thing, lemme know, I'd love it until I can afford to buy a real copy.

Anyway, I say snag it, it's worth taking a peak. If you hate, you were warned, if you LOVE, I wont judge.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Meme - Orable: meh meh

A new feature In The H47. Meme-orables!

Randomly I will post odds and ends found around the world-nets that perhaps you've seen, or that I've mentioned, but that I still feel should be compiled and noted here. Maybe for reference later or for my own amusement.
"H47! WTF R Meme?" Pronounced "meem" (rhymes with "cream") it is an idea, concept or occurrence that is transferred through a culture. For a better explanation try here and here.
For net-centric examples, HERE is a good place to start.

Just a heads up for future content.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fake Bands

(Hatter & The Lost Boys: Yours truly -in the H47-, Mario -guitar & back up vocals-, ferret -token starving Asian-, Gilliam -grizzled mayor of Drunktown-, & Moose -wetback in Black[not me]-. If we talked it out I'm sure we would have a different name. These shots straight from S.G.I.S.Con 2.5)

Rock Band & Guitar Hero have inspired innumerable made up "living room" bands, but what about the good old Fake bands we know and love?

In order of my preference:

1: Spinal Tap - If you don't know who this band is go educate thyself, heathen! They're my #1 because they're classic, the loudest band in England (they really turn it up -a notch-), and they have a long and distinguished career. (mostly based off others)

2: Dethklok - So very metal! From the Adult Swim show Metalocalypse, this most hard core of hard core bands has actually toured and released albums that really do rock.

3: Gorillaz - They only rate 3 because they are a"legitamite" band that happens to be fake, but otherwise, great music.

4: LvL 80 Elite Tauren Chieftain - previously known as Lvl70 Elite Tauren Chieftain, previously, Lvl60 Tauren Chieftain, prev. Tenth Level Tauren Chieftain!(on their "on and on south of northrend world tour" T from Blizzcon 08 the "Chieftain" is crossed out and it says "Death Knight" above it.). They make my top 5 because I do enjoy their music, their content AND I've attended their concerts IRL & in Virtual Life! win!


DR. Teeth & The Electric Mayhem - Muppets FTW! and any time they're amalgamated tributes, it gets better. AND because the muppets are very musically oriented, the music is rockin!


"The Crescendolls" or "Interstella 5555: The 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem" - The band from the Daft Punk movie of the same name, I'm a succker for house/techno/rave music and this movie is a great film for what it is.

Those are more or less my top 5/6, but I do recall some other great -fake- Bands, like the band from the old cartoon JabberJaw "The Neptunes", a shark version of Scooby-doo, as well as Josie & The Pussycats who were developed by the same guy.

Would you count Sgt. Pepper's Loneley Hearts Club Band? Or, in a similar vein F.V.B. (Future Villain Band)?

So now that I have linked the hell out of a post and hopefully either rekindled or educated you on some awesome faux-phunk, GET DOWN! *dances*

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Common Vocabulary

As you hang around you might notice certain proclivities within my vocabulary. Today I think it might be nice to define and clarify some things that might confuse or just generally help give insight into some of the madness running around here.
Also, don't feel afraid to look up any word I use, even if you know the word, I often twist and have my way with meanings. Something I know I enjoy sharing with some of my closest friends. I.e. the inordinate amount of food metaphors for things that are distinctly NOT edible in any way.
(Me being geeky at a LAN party. ol school, no flat screens. back in HS days)


Geek: A self identifying term I use constantly. To me a geek is CAPABLE, not necessarily comfortable, but capable of social interaction and more often than not, enjoys it, especially when in the company of other geeks. Common interests can range from anime to movies, to music, to zoology. He (I use the male tense because frankly, its from a male perspective, but I know many female geeks, I'm engaged to one.) may not be born a geek, nor may he even realize what he is, but will more often than not become aware at some point in his pursuit of things geeky. Such as conventions, D&D, Renaissance Faires, reenactments, video games.

Nerd: In its potentially negative form, a nerd is one who is socially retarded, wallows in his outcast state and resentful of a world that does not understand his obsessions, nor his singular focus on ideas that many might find trivial.
In its more mundane definition and in both situations a Nerd is smart and often a specialist in what ever subject his fanboy heart clings to. By result, his knowledge usually surpasses that of the geek, but at the cost of being less well versed in other things.
(as this very guy would often yell at me, "NERD!!!")

Trekkie vs. Trekker: As I understand it (and I'm not sure I entirely do, as I am a Star Wars fan first, but my fiance is a ST:NG fan so I have sampled it as well and enjoyed it.) Trekkie/Trekky is someone who is a Trek Nerd. A sad creature who speaks klingon, has SEVERAL starfleet uniforms and has an opinion on who the better captain was that would rival religious fervor in the middle east. They are numerous and not to be trifled with, use caution when interacting with them. As well as be kind, they know not what they are. A Trekker is a Trek obsessed geek, very similar to a trekky in most habits and collectibles, however, will only THREATEN to cut off your head with a Bat'Leth if you disagree with their chosen captain.

Freak: A horrid beast akin to a nerd but without any redeeming values. A freak doesn't know how to wear a trench coat, wears black faded jeans with said trench coat, and is rarely a viable expert on any geeky/nerdy subject, but believes himself to be one. Often names his characters after main characters from whatever realm he cherishes at the time thinking he is the first to do so, but stubbornly refuses to be creative when confronted with the fact that several hundred have come before him. So, left to his own design forces names such as "xStriderx3285" or "neofromthematrix" upon the world. Trolls, noobs, flamers, reprobates, the filth of our sub-culture. Often they will attempt to perpetuate the idea that others believe they are actually witches/vampires/werewolves/aliens/not virgins, no matter how solid any argument is otherwise. Take the high road and either ignore them, or try to be generous and tactful in your recommendations about being less of a dick and maybe try creating an awesome character of their own. . . . . which brings me to a theory . . .

In Live Action Role Playing:
-LARP by yourself- Masturbating. But you're doing it by yourself, so no harm done.
-2 person LARP- If it's out of normal campaign progression there shouldn't be any need to dress up, SO then its naughty
As soon as you get a third person or more in on the action, SOMEBODY, somehow, one of the participants will get too into it, get a little out of hand, or try too hard and turn into a freak. Ruining the experience altogether, or worse in my opinion, making things JUST uncomfortable enough to distract from play and then letting everyone dwell on the idea that things might get out of hand.
If you can not identify who this person is, step back, asses the situation and I can only offer 3 solutions; 1, YOU"RE IT! I'm sorry, try not to reproduce. 2, you're all it, in which case cease and desist, you are a danger to yourselves and society, go play a console game or seek counseling. 3, a miracle has occurred, you managed to find an assemblage of geeks who not only trust each other, but realize boundaries, follow rules and put just enough enthusiasm into it to make the game great, but not at the expense of their real lives. Cherish this, for in my decade plus of geeky experience I have never even heard rumors of such a thing.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Pass the Test - J!nx on Nerdcore

My homepage is and one of the latest posts was THIS and of course, I had to go check it out!

The TEST is here.

My score was 10/10, I felt like a Nerdcore Pimp, and yet, so sad. Heh, Win!
(Not my leg, if you Know This Guy, you might recognize the significance)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Hatter Day (U.S.)

Being that I am a Hatter myself, I love the idea of not one, but TWO (10/6 in other countries is June sixth. different calender abbreviations) days of the year (not unbirthdays, those are different) set aside for all things Mad, Hat, and/or Carol.

For real inspiration, read one of the books, either Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, where the Mad Hater is most prominent, or the brief mention of Hatta in Through the Looking Glass.

Extra Credit: The Looking Glass Wars or Hatter M by Frank Beddor. (If you know me IRL, ask and I will lend you copies of any of the above. They're not the best things in the world ever, but they are good at the very least, and if you share the interests[which if you're here, well, I have a hunch] then the content can push it into the 'very cool' realm)

Watching the Disney version is okay but saying anything to me about the new Johnny Depp hatter will only get you a look of disdain, or worse, derision.

Seeing a play or any of the other movie incarnations count. Highest marks go to actual dress tea parties!

So, get a little mad, wear a hat, move down, and have some tea!

Gamer Superstitions

(Persevere my brethren! Together, we shall confirm!!)

If you know, or are, a tabletop gamer, you know that there is something . . . odd, about their relationship with dice.

For some of us, its simple. We get mad when we roll poorly and excited when we roll well. For others, we spurn and embrace the little polyhedrons as the winds favor certain combinations.

For some of us though, an animistic view becomes prevalent and we find ourselves test rolling dice, feeling bonds with dice, selecting them from a balance of aesthetic, balance, "rolls" and even materials (ty to JBJ for my pewter dice set, they have served me well!).

I find every approach valid and as long as it is fun and healthy (I use the term loosely, especially in the mental arena) I think it has become an essential part of the tabletop culture. (Picture? see Commandment #8)

Although I have recently discovered THIS GUY (He seems kind of odd at first, and yes, he is VERY passionate about the dice, I believe it and recommend them to any who are even slightly interested) thanks to Gilliam, and fully intend to purchase some dice and use them (Gilly has a set already and they are very crisp and clean, they feel very exact) I still like a little "mojo" to dice and think it adds to the overall experience.

I've heard rumors that the longer you play, the better you roll, but I find this to be invalid.

Some members of my group have used dice rolling software for ease and simplicity, and to further my geek cred, we can tabletop on the fly by keeping our character sheets on digital copy. How many times have you seen a group of geeks playing D&D at a park WITHOUT pencils or dice? Done it! BUT! I shy away from it. Much like music and books for me, having a digital is nice, but having a tactile object, something that cant run out of power, is always preferable to me.

This is just my opinion, but I think there is more to it than just convenience and economy. Whether you're feeling out the "right" dice at the local comic shop or hand painting numbers onto your new razor-sharp-verticesed d4's, keep rollin' kids. Here's to those sweet rolls that make a great story years later, that only other weirdos like you can understand. Those great opening lines "this one time in-game . . ."

P.S. House rule I like, If you roll Yatzhee on more than 3d, you deal double damage if its greater than average, and roll again if it's less than.(True Story, J-explosion did this. I still hate him. "Pics or it didn't happen" right?)

Saturday, October 3, 2009

3rd 4 t3h n3rd!, Oct. '09

(H47, Front & T1nk @ SD CC '09)

Lets get something out of the way. MC Frontalot and Nerdcore Rising have affected me in ways that I just can not explain. To hell with it, they have changed my life, OHNOS! cliche's!?

"This here's The Front . . alot and I expect, that yall" should know who the hell this guy is by now, OR, conversely, that he is the godfather of Nerdcore hip-hop.
Thar be a ridiculously nerdgasmic Documentary film by the visionaress Negin Farsad, featuring The Front, perhaps you've noticed I've mentioned it a couple times.

Enough commercials (for now). "Gee H47, WTF w/ur hard on about this dood?" Honestly, he is the ultimately balance, FOR ME, of references, beat usage, lyrical content, as a label all around, he is the most put together to me.

After seeing THIS TRAILER I started investigating the genre and Front was not the FIRST Nerdcore "artist" (I use the term loosely, because some of them are NOT) I encountered. I think MC Chris and MC Lars were the first guys I found. Chris being more well known (ATHF) and Lars being more local (live105[scroll to bottom of page], CA bay area). But as soon as I found Frontalot's page and started listening to the feed on the main page, I was hooked.

After researching what I could about Nerdcore, the musical genre of geek rap, MC Frontalot kept coming up and his music was consistently good quality. Last time I checked he was the undisputed champion of Song Fight! and every collaboration I've heard him do has been very awesome (INC LINKGASM!!!1!). Jonathan Coulton, MC Hawkings, Dr. Popular, MC Lars, Jesse Dangerously, Rai Kamishiro, Optimus Rhyme, Kompressor, Brad sucks/achewood (sorta), and even wil wheaton. (WHEW!!! was that good for you? it was good for me.)

So Front has been around for a while, hes been doing his thing for some time, and the talent + work has given this incredible result. lil here, and the documentary are my fave places for info. as a matter of fact, if you feel the least bit as jazzed up and geeked out as I do, please host a screening of Nerdcore Rising, even if only at your place with some buddys, Nerdcore could rise up, but only if the geeks get behind it, and more and more these days, everyone's at least a little bit geek.