Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Melody That Folded

My first reference to this Anime was hey-are, and I have since finished watching it.

I had not finished more than three quarters of the series when I realized I had never heard much about it, but I was enjoying it and anxiously awaiting some killer exposition.
It was at this point I decided I was going to look up some reviews, maybe look up some cosplayers, because I was really getting into the world and symbols and concepts, and was jonesin to write a fanfic or develop my own stories from the world.
I found very little, and the little I found was not comforting. One review I found was merciless swearing and bashing of the anime, and frankly, I could see where all of the arguments were formed and found the criticism valid and amusingly graphic. One other review I found was also lamenting of the anime, same emotions without the cursing. And the third and last review I found was was very "meh."

The anime is called Melody of Oblivion, its a semi "monster of the week" with the ever favorite "boy is normal, suddenly becomes bad ass, must save world now" and a decent amount of fan service. If you decide to watch it, be careful, there are constant discrepancies in different translations.

I personally want to give this anime a good review, but the best I can give it is a C- overall.

For anyone who likes their anime to be all put together and be all self contained, explaining the whole thing by the end of the series, (too much to ask, I know) it's not a good deal.
However, I read a lot into the symbols and references and really enjoyed the IDEA of magical/mystical physics/mechanics, for how the combat works, how the abilities develop.

Maybe I should track down if there is a manga, or just forsake it and start my own fanfics or something.

Honestly, as I step back and look at it critically, it is not an AWESOME anime. The hero is lame, the world isn't TOTALLY explained, and, a very Gainax (even though Gainax was the finishing house, not the parent developer) ending makes little sense. BUT! I can not totally discount an anime that inspires me to want to run an RP game set in this universe, write stories for the universe, and cosplay a character of my own design that would make ALOT of sense from that universe IF I understood, the anime correctly.

Also, the soundtrack was AWESOME!, If you can find the whole thing, lemme know, I'd love it until I can afford to buy a real copy.

Anyway, I say snag it, it's worth taking a peak. If you hate, you were warned, if you LOVE, I wont judge.

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