Thursday, March 31, 2011

Memeorables: Everyone's Had More Sex Than Meme

Quick and dirty, something this guy doesn't get often, if at all. For some more info go NYAH.
As a related tangent, my pal Jordan Explosion has this guy as his twitter avatar, but since he's been dating his current fiance and moved in together over about a year or so, I doubt the truth of his claim.
But here tis, enjoy.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

No Small Wonder

Word up h47ites! Quick tip! If you didn't already know I will not ONLY be rockin' the role of Turckle in "Cuckoo's Nest" at Brodway West this weekend (and a couple after) By day, I will be H4773r Not-at-all-mild-mannered Blade Vendor for Armor-Geddon's Booth at Wondercon!
Come by, say "hi" and meet one of our new employees, a world renowned cosplayer, as well as one of the 'Geddon Veterans. Most of us will be dressed all snazzy while we sling steel to needy little weapon enthusiasts. Maybe even pick up one of my custom made Combo Packs, eh? Extra Wit is included FREE!
Hope to see you there!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Queue From Porn

I have mentioned Playing D&D With Porn Stars before and was kinda waffling on what to post about, but thankfully the half-bald-bad-ass, Zak, gave me a couple great ideas.

First, a table that promotes RP while allowing some laziness in RP at the same time.
100 ways pc's know each other. I am SO using this in my next campaign, whether I'm GMing or Playing, word to my players, be aware.

Then! there was
"Roll on this table on what to Blog about."
So, I busted out the d10 AND . . . .

5--Write up a monster/trap combination. Neither the monster nor the trap must be original, but the combo must be interesting.

Alright then, my favorite trap, is more of a puzzle, it's an invisible wall of force that bisects a room, that STARTS two feet off the ground, and stops at six feet off the ground. The trick is that you have to describe it to the group correctly to lead them into thinking its a solid, floor to roof, wall while not blatantly lying to them. Perhaps, asking for high DC Int checks to notice they hit their shins but didn't stub their toes if they start to get stumped.

One of the creatures that most amuse me is the Cockatrice, since -I- first encountered it in the epic nine month campaign where this blog's namesake took place.

SO, the combo I have, is to have a room in a dungeon/castle/twisted-Femme-Mastermind-with-strange-tastes' Estate, where the characters enter it, and:

See - The room is divided in half by a low (3 ft high) fence made of sturdy wood & chicken wire. On the opposite side of the room, behind the fencing is a disgusting looking rooster which glares at you menacingly.

And of course, the above mentioned wall is right in front of the fence, between the chicken pen and the players.

Hilarity ensues.

I think in the future I might use this table again as it has multiple uses and I often feel I have a hard time finding segues into table Top RPG posts, Thank you Zak.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Memeorables: meme-ad Nerds

About December, some of us web dwellers came across some, INTERESTING pics. One of them, was this . . .

And it spawned a few more, such as . . .

one of my fave bloggers even got in on the action

of course a few are more inspired

than others

but I like the spirit of it.

This is has been dubbed the "How to piss off nerds meme" and I find a sick thrill in it. I think it stems from the fact that you have to GET the entire joke, just to get the joke, sort of cyclically "in." And it seems to me, most people who can fully comprehend the gag would have a really good sense of humor, so it's all good.

And since I am all about the elaborate, obscure jokes, here's one for all my Knife Nerds . . .

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Third Tale

Fable III was a blast, accept for that damned main storyline.

You might have read some of my previous impressions about this game, but I finally powered through it and "finished" it.

First of all, Zero Punctuation has got my back on this one, almost verbatim.

Only a few differences in my case, instead of playing the Real Estate Game and letting it run overnight I maxed out Blacksmithing and made swords till I couldn't see straight. Seriously, if everyone in Albion had three hands, men, women and children would have had two extra swords, yo.
And then, when I'm finally in the black (instead of -500,000 because you say "yes" to all the stuff that ISN'T blatantly "this is Reaver's idea to make you evil" with no third options that make sense) I realize I have to raise MORE money in order to save lives, and the little monkey with an abacus in my brain says "dude, that's like 1,000 a head, or something, I don't wanna do the actual calculation, that would be hard." So I go and make some more cash to start buffing out my coffers. I actually manage to open a door that GIVES me a crap-ton of gold, and try to do a few achievement quests or quests that are unique but don't have an obvious time-line/main storyline ti-ins.

The main storyline is prompting me to do stuff, but I remember 0-Punctuation Guy saying there's a "time limit" till the darkness comes, "oh, there it is 'days left: 151' sweet, I have some time." So I start the main questline and it throws me straight into "Darkness here, you're all kinds of fuct!" And then, Guess what!?!?!? It was in Walter the whole time from that stupid fucking "itsa Trap!" cave, so, now that your Holy Wheaties Avenger of Light (or Babies for Breakfest, Puppies for Desert, Tea with Hitler-Evil) you get to have a showdown with the creature IN YOUR TOWN SQUARE! Not in some epic castle, or wind-swept awesome battlefield, or anything, no, right there, next to where that guard, gave you that repeatable quest and you hit on that guy once to get a gay admirer.


HA! The suck doesn't end there, you get your ending where everyone QQ's over Walter and Jasper drops a bomb on you that even though you managed to be a paragon of Awesomeness (in my case) By giving everyone everything they said they wanted, (accept for reduced casualties, whoops, my bad, whatever) that a bunch of people STILL hate you. I get the impression he doesn't just mean Reaver, Bandits, and that one guy who writes the crappy smack talk mail to everyone.
Um, I'm done with this game at that point, it leaves you open to keep playing and get everything else in the game, but I had started griping at T1nk by this point, hoping the end credits would have some fun stuff on them, ah well, guess not.
And where the hell are the quests that give you a crap ton of money because you are a good person? There was like, one, and it MIGHT have canceled one of those hard decisions, but not nearly on a scale to get a favorable ending, only if you entered the game ready to make money, or (as is sometimes the case) you are a brilliant savant with money in video games.
OR, another possibility that this game made me consider, I'm bad at video games, that's how much this game made me wonder.
And where the hell are my top hat and goggles, steampunk/industrial revolutionary style/oliver twist like video game!?!? Every Tom, Denise, and Harriette and vaguely effeminate Reaver are wearing rockin Makers Faire ensembles, and the best I get is the bandit's outfit!?! Gah!
So, if you're still reading this, if you have a chance to borrow this game or have a game fly account and want a new game, go ahead and play it through. Honestly, I think Lion's Gate should make a full blown MMO or just a super-RPG like a FF or KH, because just RPG-ing in the universe is a blast, the combat is fun but not terrible, the system's were okay, and the worlds are immersive. I would love to maybe even Table top an Albion campaign (say hey, that's a good idea, hrrmm..) So, yeah, I love the work they do and the voice acting was crazy ( mean, come on, a Python & a Doctor? Fuck yeah) but they really needed to work on that main storyline for me. I've heard others praise it like mad, but, not my cup of tea, sorry.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Memeorable: Meme-unchies

So, I know I may have said in the past I don't particularly enjoy slam poetry, but let me share an exception to the average.
Many years back, when I was in High School, one of our theatre compatriots, perhaps even Mario, regaled us with a particularly amusing monologue which he then revealed was actually a slam poetry piece he had heard.
Back then we had a cassette tape recording of it (yes, I know, OLD, cassette tapes for crying out loud, who does that?) and didn't care anymore to find out more about it.
Fast Forward a couple years and I was wondering what to do for an audition piece and thought it would be a hoot to dig up this old story and throw it out on stage. So I had a grand ol' time rooting around the intarwebs and FINALLY found it, in all its glory.
Apparently, homeboy is a local legend in San Jose so I can count him as a fellow coastal/bay area artist, so enough blab, here is performing "Soul Food," enjoy, it's delicious.

and THAT"S why we never have anything to eat, at my house!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Put A Beat Under It

So, I have a confession to make, I don't particularly like Slam Poetry, Spoken Word, or even most poetry, really.
Now, hold up, I DO like SOME poetry, and I do like SOME slam poetry, and even some spoken word. I totally acknowledge that it is an art, a performance art, a viable expression of discourse that should be respected as such.

I, however, have a hard time getting into it, and have honestly never attended any such activities, nor had the inclination to.

And yet, I have this unwavering obsession with Hip-Hop and rap. To even go further, anyone remember back in the late 90's/early "double ots" (2000-2005) when there were a few spoken word poems floating around alternative stations that were like affirmations or that awesome etymology of the "F" word?
(Hey look, I found 'em)

These were great, I enjoyed them. It just seems strange to me that rap and hip hop, something I've been under the impression has shared roots and definite parallels in execution and design, have such appeal to me?

Perhaps it's because when you take the time to craft music and mix it it feels more polished and more well put together? If the "lyrics" suck I can always listen to the music? Or maybe I just haven't had the proper exposure? Maybe I need to immerse myself more in the culture to enjoy it, I know that happened when I took a "Worlds of Jazz" I found some things in that music form that made it more enjoyable. Perhaps I was working under the assumption my previous encounters were samples of exemplary pieces? I could very well be mistaken, and as shown by the few pieces I DO enjoy, its not ALL lame, to me.
Ah, mysteries of the universe, you confuse me so, perhaps a more coherent conclusion next time, but then, those are probably not the things you come to MY blog for eh?

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Nerdy Fresh

Word, nerd, I got some fresh beats for those of you who have a hard time finding new, sweet Nerdcore Notes to bob your head too, or don't want to waste your time trying to find, what I consider, GOOD Nerdcore Hip-Hop.

Boss fights, as featured a month or so back, you can snag their first three free songs HERE, and word has it their first actual album is breaths away from being ready to be distributed, probably in the same place.

Rise, the new Mixtape by Zealous1, who we've discussed before dropped about a week or two agoe, snag that goodness NYAH

Soup or Villainz, is a new group that just released this album, and woo boy it is entertaining, I shall not lie. Snag it 'DERE, if I hear more about them in the future I hope to do a 3rd 4 t3h Nrrd on em.

KTP, or Kabuto the Python, had an album called Ill Ron Hubbard drop a little while back that apparently consists of old cuts intended for something else, short but chock full of Kabuto goodness, snag it NYAH!

Ran, Random, &/or Mega-Ran, seems to always be hard at work, After pulling down some of his free stuff across the webs, I think I will drop some cash to buy Black Materia, his album solely covering FFIV (NerdLife!) as well as as some of his other goodies. Perhaps even do a 3rd 4 t3h Nrrd on this bad boy before too long as well. Here's a sample from that Fantasy EP, enjoy.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

3rd 4 t3h Nrrd: March '11

Nerdcore Now, a compilation of several Nerdcore artists from across the intarwebs comes strong with their first release covering everything from scene drama, to a six minute epic as the characters from Hitch Hiker's Guide.

Here's a taste, one of my fave tracks on the entire collection. I've got this one just about memorized.

The refreshed RhymeTorrents site in it's new incarnation as Nerdcore Now is keeping High-C's dream alive by supplying a constant stream of Nerdcore News, Downlaods, and a forum to discuss Geeky raps.
Piloted by Danger Aaron (whom I am extrapolating due to his profile says he's the webmaster and Admin of the boards, so, Kudoos to him for this undertaking) the new guard seems to be keeping it calm by keeping it simple and I don't know if there is a new system or if the submissions are getting better but the crop seems to be improving since the days of HamStar. Not to say I don't feel HamStar has his place in music or the internet, I just agree with many others in that perhaps a "serious" Nerdcore Hip-Hop compilation was not the place for him to be spread around.

So, any whip, go snag those fesh new nerdy beats and stick em in your ear hole. While here I shout atop the Inter-tubes, "Rhyme Torrents is Deader than Nerdcore! Long Live Rhyme Torrents, Long Live Nerdcore Now!"

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Ladies Playing Pretend

Who doesn't like it when a bunch of lovely women get dressed up and then start make believe. . . That they're warriors, clerics, and monsters?

Continuing on my RPG webseries kick, I also finally watched Dragons & Damsels. With Mirai Booth-Ong from The Guild (I may or may not do a post about that as it has a bit more popularity then a lot of the stuff I post about, I think you all know what it is).

My quick, snarky, over-simplified impression was, like many girls I like, short, pretty, something deep about them, but unfortunately leave me frustrated in ways I can't fix.

To elaborate, I think the short part is obvious, it is very well produced, as in the camera work is fine, the audio is excellent, and I believed these characters lived in this world, they seemed to have lives and desires and dreams.
I liked how there were plots that were alluded to and there was set idea of how the game went, all that sort of thing.

However, the first story arc finished after eight short episodes and no one besides bots have posted anything on the site or the forum since '09. It feels like they had intended to do quite a bit further with the world but have left it or are unable to continue it for whatever reason. If there had been anything on the site to suggest that that was it and the project was finished I might feel a bit more closure, but as it is, my neuroses is agitated by such frivolous things, ah well.

If they do decide to clean up the forum and perhaps begin a new story arc I hope I will be able to find it or see it advertised as it was fun and think it has quite a lot of potential.
1 part fem, 1 part drake, mix vigorously!

P.S. Apparently back in 2010 a few of the ladies filmed character Vlogs for their youtube channel, and although I liked the thief & the cleric, this one was the one that actually made me laugh.