Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Ladies Playing Pretend

Who doesn't like it when a bunch of lovely women get dressed up and then start make believe. . . That they're warriors, clerics, and monsters?

Continuing on my RPG webseries kick, I also finally watched Dragons & Damsels. With Mirai Booth-Ong from The Guild (I may or may not do a post about that as it has a bit more popularity then a lot of the stuff I post about, I think you all know what it is).

My quick, snarky, over-simplified impression was, like many girls I like, short, pretty, something deep about them, but unfortunately leave me frustrated in ways I can't fix.

To elaborate, I think the short part is obvious, it is very well produced, as in the camera work is fine, the audio is excellent, and I believed these characters lived in this world, they seemed to have lives and desires and dreams.
I liked how there were plots that were alluded to and there was set idea of how the game went, all that sort of thing.

However, the first story arc finished after eight short episodes and no one besides bots have posted anything on the site or the forum since '09. It feels like they had intended to do quite a bit further with the world but have left it or are unable to continue it for whatever reason. If there had been anything on the site to suggest that that was it and the project was finished I might feel a bit more closure, but as it is, my neuroses is agitated by such frivolous things, ah well.

If they do decide to clean up the forum and perhaps begin a new story arc I hope I will be able to find it or see it advertised as it was fun and think it has quite a lot of potential.
1 part fem, 1 part drake, mix vigorously!

P.S. Apparently back in 2010 a few of the ladies filmed character Vlogs for their youtube channel, and although I liked the thief & the cleric, this one was the one that actually made me laugh.

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