Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Woah! Tuesday Already

Holy Cow! This particular day of the week nearly passed by before I realized what it was.
A couple updates so you all know why I have been more quiet than usual.

I am officially directing Treasure Island at SJSU through TRFTI.
If you see the phrase "It will be a swashbuckling adventure of awesomeness" in association with the production, it was totally off the cuff and I did not intend to be quoted.


I will be attending Anime Expo on behalf of my work (they paid for my tickets and other expenses. Bomb, right?)
I will be staying with '05 AX Idol Julie Rei Goldstein, cause we ol' acting buddies. AND she's done a favor or two in the PAST. We're cool.

Otherwise, stay groovy, I will try to have a report all ready to throw down come next Tuesday and I will get crackin on 3rd 4 t3h Nrrd, for Independence Day Eve.


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tuesdays Have Win

When I started updating regularly on Tuesdays it was fairly arbitrary and seemed like a "good" day of the week to throw down my insanity on the webs. Thanks to Dictionary.com whom I follow on twitter, I learned one of the places the word "Tuesday" comes from, and it is kind of metal.
*note, Tiw is also known as Tyr

I know, kind of a lame post this week, but the info is awesome. Don't worry, I'm working on a 3rd 4 nrrd for July already and have some stuff that isn't entirely meme-orable, but I definitely want to chronicle it.

Stay with me Space Cowboys, We be Geeks! Peace!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Over a year ago, I made a promise. This is me keeping it. Barely. I'm in a weird place today, at this moment. All six (yes, I'm down 2 this week, don't ask) of you know if I come up with something it will go up ASAP. Thanks for hanging in there with me. Here's a couple more demotivationals I enjoy that I pulled, as well as a couple songs I heard on AMV Hell that I got stuck in my head, they may be familiar. I think is has become my style of filler. I loathe Filler. BAH.

Hot Topic by The Gothsicles

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Get Drilled

On a new anime! Ladies v. Butlers ! -Disclaimer: I have not watched this anime all the way through! EXCLAMATION!! POINTS!!
Thank you FanimeCon, and thank you Anime Hell Programer. Tink & I, as well as Epyon Avenger and The Blave caught this anime at the above mentioned event. We watched about 2 -4 episodes spread from within the entire 12 episode series and not only was I entertained by the excellent art, rampant fan-service, hilarious scenarios, what was more amazing, Tink was entertained too. Any time there's gratuitous pantie shots and adorable/voluptuous high school students flaunting around I have my doubts as to whether or not my future wife will approve, so when she does, it's a win!

Here is a trailer to wet your whistle

So, yeah, it's set in a school for young ladies from all over the world, and there is also a program that trains the servants. I.e. the title.
Just to be absolutely clear, yes, this is a "mature" anime, with full nudity, compromising situations and risque themes. If that doesn't throw you off, we must be friends, and enjoy the anime. It's rather nice that you have the premise set up and many of the episodes can be more or less stand alone. Yes, the over arching plots make the most sense in order, but the few episodes we saw made almost perfect sense without having to see every preceding episode.
I'm not always into "Harem" anime, but I enjoy the tweaks done to these archetypes and find them well worked if they're not all entirely original to the genre. The main character is still engaging if not fairly typical, and the Lady Flameheart or "Drill" as she becomes branded develops a compassion with the viewer and its not hard to get to love the entire cast.

This show has unfortunately not been released for retail in the U.S. yet and the only way to own a legit copy is to import one. BUT there are several sites online that have it in subbed form and of course, those of you scurvy swabs who know where to look can get a hold of them. I wont lie, I love when I can get into an anime that';s going to be popular and promote it (see Gurren) so, I hope you saw it here first.
One of the only reservations I have, when I was further researching the show I noticed on a few sites who ALSO complained of its predictability and unoriginality compared to other harem animes, they said the ending sucked and/or did not entirely finish up the endings. I am concerned by this, but if the ending is the only thing that's disappointing about the anime, well, it wont be the first time. *cough eva, X, way too many other animes to list COUGH!*
So, there's a loose primer, have the 1st half of episode 1 (even I haven't watched it) and enjoy the battle of the sexes, classes & perverts!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Meme-Orable: Meme(Hard)Gay

Sometimes its hard to be gay. Or even Hādo Gei! (I see a theme in my recent MemeOrables and I don't care!)

WOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Its Hard Gay! I first encountered this piece of hilarious awesome two years back at Fanime. A couple of his clips were shown in the Anime Hell/Midnight Madness room. Beyond the wikki link, I think I will let Mr. Gay speak for himself . . .

Doing a little Community Service

Networking and clearing up copyright issues

I have even seen 1-2 cosplayers at Fanime rocking the aviators and thrusting, yelling WOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Stay hard, stay gay!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

3rd 4 T3h NRRD: June '10

Yay for Nerdcore groups who break up after a few hits and are never heard from again! /sarcasm.

Need some truly dirty, undersexed, jerk, uncaring, X-Box masses mentality, nerd rap? Well here you go, I'm attempting to earn my content warning with this group.

Futuristic Sex Robotz! A geek super group with superb production and very professional end product. I rarely had issues with the artists being flat, off key or off tempo with the beats.

Apparently formed around questionable exploits involving a case of Keystone Ice, the group produced a few singles and a full album called Hotel Coral Essex and then disappeared into obscurity and I have not seen hind nor hair of them in a long time.

A lot of their content is abrasive, foul and unsavory. In general I enjoy it, but the cussing can be excessive and the situations obscene.
If your looking to blast this in the privacy of your own home, in your earphones, in your car wiht the windows rolled up, go for it. But they're NSFW and if your trying to spread the perception of nerds that we're groovy, awesome, non-overly violent, non-rapeing, non-murdering angst bags, then you might fail.
Otherwise, I do enjoy this music and can relate to it as an artistic outlet. It is very "born of" the gamer/deep internet culture.

For the parting salvo I will leave you with the first song I heard from them.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Fitting Anniversary

One whole stinking year of regular updates and sub-quality posts.

Yay me & my brain!

Since I'm already posting a 3rd 4 t3h Nrrd I figure I can do a cop out one year post and link to some of my favorite posts form the last year. Give them a peak wont you? I've been as clever as I am now as I was a year ago. Real convincing, I know.
-get the down low on what's up high on/in my head
-my monthly nerd music focus, this one on Front

Meme-Orable: Memeet the . . .
-amusing meme from a Valve classic

-a break down on some concepts I like

Know Your Roll . . . In WoW: DPS
-pep talk around why random dungeons have 20 min queues

Here's hoping for many more of these shameless self-plugging annual recaps!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Going Home

Today h47's getting a little heavy, but coming straight out of almost an entire work week of Con, I think it a fitting musing.

I've watched Nerdcore Rising and a clip or two of the concert at PAX. I've been consuming everything Penny Arcade for the last 3 years (twitter, PATV) and I want to go "home" to PAX.
What is that? that sense of geek home, where all us geeks are accepted and valid as human beings?
Is that our issue? We have become so accustomed to being "other?" Is it so intrinsic to the nature of nerdery that we be pariahs?

I have been reduced to tears, literally, at least 3 times because of an awareness of that experience, that "home" feeling. Wil Wheaton mentions it, you can SEE Scott Kurtz live it on the latest episode of PATV, I definitely get that vibe from Front when I see him reference the PAX concerts.

It fascinates me.

My buddy Epyon Avenger has mentioned how at Fanime the convention center slowly evolves into a nerd molded shanty-town. Chairs get moved into circles, music jams start to occur and the "community" assembles and reconnects every year.

To be clear, I fully support this and think it is wonderful. The thing that stays with me is why?
I guess I feel the same way about it as I do about Nerdcore. It would be awesome if it became the norm and our world was full of fluffy killer bunnies and school girls. But then I don't think it would be the same. I would guess that an essential part of the experience is the fact that there is a common bond from the shared memory of our exclusion from "the normals." From that, these institutions become havens where we understand each other or at least tolerate and revel in our "off-ness."

Maybe that's it then. I think I knew it in my life meter, but it wasn't in my spell-book. In doing a little mental craft grinding I discovered something. And from this I hope I can foster that emotion in my own corner of cyberspace as well as at S.G.I.S.Con. As long as my readers understand what I just said, or at least get the gist of it, I think the nerd world will be just a little bit better and grow in scope. But not too much, for perhaps that etheral thing, that light, intangible concept might press L2 & R2 if we try to force it.

Thanks for listening inter-natives, see you at home.

Wait For It . . . .

So, this past weekend was Fanime and it was good. I have FOUR (4) posts rockin and almost ready to go up.

The Itinerary/menu:

-Today's regularly scheduled will go up before midnight
-Tomorrow will be the post celebrating my one year anniversary as a blog even though the official date is Thursday because . . .
-3rd 4 t3h Nrrd will go up as per normal in all its geekbeat glory.
-Friday will debut another Meme-Orable

Stick around, if you smell smoke its from all the hard work, I promise.