Thursday, June 3, 2010

3rd 4 T3h NRRD: June '10

Yay for Nerdcore groups who break up after a few hits and are never heard from again! /sarcasm.

Need some truly dirty, undersexed, jerk, uncaring, X-Box masses mentality, nerd rap? Well here you go, I'm attempting to earn my content warning with this group.

Futuristic Sex Robotz! A geek super group with superb production and very professional end product. I rarely had issues with the artists being flat, off key or off tempo with the beats.

Apparently formed around questionable exploits involving a case of Keystone Ice, the group produced a few singles and a full album called Hotel Coral Essex and then disappeared into obscurity and I have not seen hind nor hair of them in a long time.

A lot of their content is abrasive, foul and unsavory. In general I enjoy it, but the cussing can be excessive and the situations obscene.
If your looking to blast this in the privacy of your own home, in your earphones, in your car wiht the windows rolled up, go for it. But they're NSFW and if your trying to spread the perception of nerds that we're groovy, awesome, non-overly violent, non-rapeing, non-murdering angst bags, then you might fail.
Otherwise, I do enjoy this music and can relate to it as an artistic outlet. It is very "born of" the gamer/deep internet culture.

For the parting salvo I will leave you with the first song I heard from them.

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