Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Get Drilled

On a new anime! Ladies v. Butlers ! -Disclaimer: I have not watched this anime all the way through! EXCLAMATION!! POINTS!!
Thank you FanimeCon, and thank you Anime Hell Programer. Tink & I, as well as Epyon Avenger and The Blave caught this anime at the above mentioned event. We watched about 2 -4 episodes spread from within the entire 12 episode series and not only was I entertained by the excellent art, rampant fan-service, hilarious scenarios, what was more amazing, Tink was entertained too. Any time there's gratuitous pantie shots and adorable/voluptuous high school students flaunting around I have my doubts as to whether or not my future wife will approve, so when she does, it's a win!

Here is a trailer to wet your whistle

So, yeah, it's set in a school for young ladies from all over the world, and there is also a program that trains the servants. I.e. the title.
Just to be absolutely clear, yes, this is a "mature" anime, with full nudity, compromising situations and risque themes. If that doesn't throw you off, we must be friends, and enjoy the anime. It's rather nice that you have the premise set up and many of the episodes can be more or less stand alone. Yes, the over arching plots make the most sense in order, but the few episodes we saw made almost perfect sense without having to see every preceding episode.
I'm not always into "Harem" anime, but I enjoy the tweaks done to these archetypes and find them well worked if they're not all entirely original to the genre. The main character is still engaging if not fairly typical, and the Lady Flameheart or "Drill" as she becomes branded develops a compassion with the viewer and its not hard to get to love the entire cast.

This show has unfortunately not been released for retail in the U.S. yet and the only way to own a legit copy is to import one. BUT there are several sites online that have it in subbed form and of course, those of you scurvy swabs who know where to look can get a hold of them. I wont lie, I love when I can get into an anime that';s going to be popular and promote it (see Gurren) so, I hope you saw it here first.
One of the only reservations I have, when I was further researching the show I noticed on a few sites who ALSO complained of its predictability and unoriginality compared to other harem animes, they said the ending sucked and/or did not entirely finish up the endings. I am concerned by this, but if the ending is the only thing that's disappointing about the anime, well, it wont be the first time. *cough eva, X, way too many other animes to list COUGH!*
So, there's a loose primer, have the 1st half of episode 1 (even I haven't watched it) and enjoy the battle of the sexes, classes & perverts!

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