Thursday, June 30, 2011

My Tale of Two Cons

I will be at Anime Expo this year, and due to the hubub, I will also most likely go take a gander at AM2.

Holy Smokes, that's alot of Anime, J-culture, Con, & Driving, BUT, I'm not working, I will have my partner and good friends, so it should be survivable.

I am a little bumbed I wont have any good costumes YET, but there has been plotting, and as soon as I can PURCHASe the items necessary, I will be crafting like an 85 grinding from skill "1"

So keep an eye out for my signature headgear, say "hi" or if not, just be like "huh, I think that's that h47 dude, cool"

Also, please dont creep on my Cosplay homegirls, be polite and chill, and they can cut you!
C.J. or "T1nk"

Calamity Jane or "C.J."
and a myriad of other ladies who associate with me for my impressive, large, wit!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Cochlear Erotica

Music from across the sea. Not all of my music interests tend to the nerdy hip hop, I am also a HUGE Celtic/folk/acoustic Renaissance fair revival stuff, type music enthusiast.

Let me introduce you to one of my obsessions, Big Band British Folk (say that 5 times fast) super group . . .

Back in like, '07?, I did sound design for "Picasso at the Lapin Agile" and tried to cook up "cafe music that wasn't lame" as I recall my Directors instructions being. In my research (Limewire, man, I was lame Pirate for a while) I came across a song called "Rigs of the Time" . . .

And could NOT get enough of this sound, so I sought them out, and by a stroke of luck, I found their first full album, "Burlesque" on Amazon . . ".uk" and their album was something like thirteen pounds, so, I let Amazon do the conversions and gave them my credit card number. Two weeks later, I got my first Non-Japanese import, and it Is awesome.
Another album was titled "Hedonism" and I have yet to acquire it (its on my list don't worry) but I really like their naming conventions. HaHA!
Please let me know if you snag any of their other albums, so I can steal a listen, hehe, Listen on, gents and ladies, CHEERS!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

memeorable: Meme. Tran

*Movie Voice* Do you live, in a world, where you need! A HOT DICKING, from a FIVE YEAR OLD!? With P.H.D., and a HUGE COCK!? (Great, there goes another file in some nameless government agency getting bigger, meh, whatevs.)
Then you need!

Doctor Tran!

I received Doctor Tran, like Many things, playing "Youtube Poker" (I will explain it in another post, don't worry. remind me if I don't for like, a month.) and like many things, I have not seen it for a while, so I felt it needed to be preserved, and I needed easy access to it.
Here is one of my favorites.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

You Better Save

Cause I don't know if you've got the gear for these . . .


So, I had this huge elaborate well thought out post about how I blog and where my influences come from . . . Screw That!
I have Been Waiting for This Album, SO HARD!
Today, the 21'st, they're Debut album is out. Why are you reading this!? Go get it, NOW!
Okay, downloading? good.

I had been head banging super hard to the first three songs they put out back when their site was still part of Z1's Site, and have put them on 3 different mix-CD's. Upon glancing over the track listing for this new album I see "Eye of the Rising Sun" and "Left For Dead" But I am a little disappointed not to see "Frontalots" as I love that anthem. I wonder why. Well, maybe they just forgot, considering . . . some of the things they do . . .
I've been listening to the sample tracks up on their site and OOH BOY! This is definitely a unique, amazing, professional garage band, super group sound and mix that takes all of the artists influences and makes them flow and coalesce into audio awesomeness. And you can quote me on that. I will be a few bucks poorer in wallet, but many times more rich in art as I will be bumpin these tracks all over. Oh, and here's a tickler that you cant get no-where . . .

Best rest up at the Inn, cause in the mornin, there will be Bossfights!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Memeorable: MemeDeath

So, recently, my better half has made a more concerted effort to take in more anime, as I have taken to the habit of just letting it play, then asking me non-stop questions I cant answer about said show, as I don't speak Japanese.
Most Recently we finally watched Neon Genisis: Evangelion, the original, as it is such an . . integral part of the social circles I run in, and its . . infamy.
Many of my anime associates, such as Epyon Avenger, will make refrence to one of our favorite fan films based on that most mind-fucking of animes . . .


Local Grown (Silicon Valley, represent) this short is just crazy enough and anyone who actually enjoyed Eva in their own sick, twisted self-loathing way, gets the jokes, and has this great sense of humor about it. And even if you HATED it, I think you can get behind this short as it is an excellent lampoon.
Let us hope these episodes stay up for a long time . . . .

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Punk Music! STEAM punk music.

As per usual, I was trolling my usual feeds and this guy and here re-invigorated my internal debate as to what constitutes "steampunk music."

There is the obvious, yes, Abney Park, Clockwork Quartet, a few others I've found. These are honest musicians and there is little doubt as that they are unique in their style and are embraced by, if not, seek the embrace of certain communities. Other artists I've come across of note include: Unwoman, Unextraordinary Gentlemen, & Vernian Process. All reside around, or have been in the Norcal Bay area.

Honestly, for me, the music has to take me there. You know who does? Mumford & sons, also other real bands like The dubliners & Bellowhead, as long as the music has that flavor, its there for me. There is something about Mumford & sons' "Little Lion Man" that puts me in a steampunky mood, probably the banjo and the subtle accent to the singers voice. Also, "The Cave" always reminds me of the Parable of The Cave, which we we're reading in my Sci-Fi/Fantasy Class, the same time I had decided to seriously seek out and begin to study Steampunk.
I need to see the people who live and breath the steam, walk the dingy streets with man made cloth clouds overhead. Many "histories" revolve around alternate Earth histories and so I feel many old folk songs fit RIGHT in the worlds. I know a lot of groups push the DIY and sci-fi music to explain more modern instruments and sounds. Many times, for me, these experimentation's fall short and take me out of the world. I'm sure others enjoy them, as I will aknowledge your -thing- is art even though I may or may not enjoy it or get it (speaking in a much broader, general sense). I haven't really come across any "sophisticated" music (as covered in the above article) where "refined" more classical style music that is composed and orchestral.

(I could not find a good recording of this song, but it's one of my faves and always held a mystic yet tangible human element I would jam to.)

I think it needs to come from the aesthetic (Once more, speaking in a sweeping generality, that applies elsewhere) and then is created for it's own sake, and then is amazing. Not something made to fit in a niche that doesn't feel inspired.

And as an added bonus, an online steampunk radio station
I have not yet opened it wide up for a listen, but when I get cracking on my Steampunk Epic, it will most likely get a mass of play time along side my other inspirations.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Rollin' Customs

We all know I have an affinity for dice. What true table top nerd doesn't? We have discussed this before. And, like all obsessions, there are those of us who seek out the unique, novel and even absurd variations thereof. Although I have previously acquired my strange polyhedrons from various sources, I was recently contacted by a fascinating individual . . .
And made aware of his excellent operation. Abraham, out of Barcelona, is a professional Dice Maker. Perhaps even, a polyhedromancer? And the "d"s he cranks out are totally rad. Like most geeks, he seems to have a plethora of nerdy interests and these are reflected in his dice designs, and they are awesome.
They look clean and precise and from hints on his blog he experiments to get the most out of his equipment to create the EXACT effect he wants on his dice.
I'm not sure when I'll get some extra cash to procure some, ( I should look up what S&H is from Spain to California. I love international shipping, I'll tell yall my story about a $30 CD later, so worth it though)
But I look forward to ordering some and seeing first hand how well the ink holds, how random they roll, and overall the feel of the craftsmanship. I can only imagine now what it will feel like to roll initiative with something hand crafted by another RPG enthusiast making a living doing what he loves.
Muchos gracias, Abraham. Viva dados!

Friday, June 3, 2011

3rd 4 t3h Nrrd: June '11

So far this year we have had exemplary men and women in the nerdcore realm, time for some dastardly dandies.

Soup or Villainz

Their boy Viet Vu seems to be a constant in the crew, other members fluctuate, a partial roster is up on their FB Page. They do an excellent job to promote and distribute. I love their style and sense of humor. Their sound is always professional, clean and their covers are well crafted.
Have a sample of one of their collab/covers with Atomsk . . . .

As of this post they've done about 3 albums.
Their oldest is an excellent collection of Fallout Inspired tracks titled "Ready to Fallout" you can snag it here!
The second has a break down here as well as a direct download.
The third is available ovah nyah.
They also appear to have some prolific video making habits and you can find a fantastic selection of videos on their youtube channel HERE, as well as other places around the intarwebs.

These guys are great and on my top list for groups to watch and tune into.

Here's hoping that this new crop of nerdcore continues to bear fantastic fruit such as these cats.

lastly, I leave you with another rare track that isn't found on the first two free albums.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

2nd Anniversary!

Wow. Two years and still I give of my mind freely. Let us look back at some of the posts I consider gems, shall we?

True Player
I have mentioned in the past I consider myself a Playa (not a beach, but the slang for Player) in the noun sense, not the adjective. Especially of Nerdcore. Check the post for original context then come back for an updated movie link, as the old one got pulled.

What's in a Character Name!? Forsaken
Walk through some of my logic, as twisted as those paths are, concerning how I named some of my WoW toons. I think the paths have some decent scenery when it comes to the end product.

LEEROY Vs. Freak Out
More Wow, More Vids, and yes, I have opinions and feelings.

Of course, gotta do 3rd for T3h NRRD. Hopefully these cats will drops some new tunes before/around Nerdapalooza this year.

And then I was gonna post another, and another, and another, but honestly, just look back over the last few months as I feel there is some real quality posts for most of my readers.

Also, Thank you all again, new and old readers. Spread the word, the gospel of the H47! I will do my best to continue to provide slices of my mind to you, the semi-enthusiastic H47ites!