Thursday, June 2, 2011

2nd Anniversary!

Wow. Two years and still I give of my mind freely. Let us look back at some of the posts I consider gems, shall we?

True Player
I have mentioned in the past I consider myself a Playa (not a beach, but the slang for Player) in the noun sense, not the adjective. Especially of Nerdcore. Check the post for original context then come back for an updated movie link, as the old one got pulled.

What's in a Character Name!? Forsaken
Walk through some of my logic, as twisted as those paths are, concerning how I named some of my WoW toons. I think the paths have some decent scenery when it comes to the end product.

LEEROY Vs. Freak Out
More Wow, More Vids, and yes, I have opinions and feelings.

Of course, gotta do 3rd for T3h NRRD. Hopefully these cats will drops some new tunes before/around Nerdapalooza this year.

And then I was gonna post another, and another, and another, but honestly, just look back over the last few months as I feel there is some real quality posts for most of my readers.

Also, Thank you all again, new and old readers. Spread the word, the gospel of the H47! I will do my best to continue to provide slices of my mind to you, the semi-enthusiastic H47ites!

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