Tuesday, June 21, 2011

You Better Save

Cause I don't know if you've got the gear for these . . .


So, I had this huge elaborate well thought out post about how I blog and where my influences come from . . . Screw That!
I have Been Waiting for This Album, SO HARD!
Today, the 21'st, they're Debut album is out. Why are you reading this!? Go get it, NOW!
Okay, downloading? good.

I had been head banging super hard to the first three songs they put out back when their site was still part of Z1's Site, and have put them on 3 different mix-CD's. Upon glancing over the track listing for this new album I see "Eye of the Rising Sun" and "Left For Dead" But I am a little disappointed not to see "Frontalots" as I love that anthem. I wonder why. Well, maybe they just forgot, considering . . . some of the things they do . . .
I've been listening to the sample tracks up on their site and OOH BOY! This is definitely a unique, amazing, professional garage band, super group sound and mix that takes all of the artists influences and makes them flow and coalesce into audio awesomeness. And you can quote me on that. I will be a few bucks poorer in wallet, but many times more rich in art as I will be bumpin these tracks all over. Oh, and here's a tickler that you cant get no-where . . .

Best rest up at the Inn, cause in the mornin, there will be Bossfights!

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