Monday, May 3, 2010

3rd 4 T3h Nrrd: May '10

Unleash the Dragon with this Slammin-smooth, super-sized, Samoan.
Like most of the rest of the intarwebs I was introduced to this So-Cal rap-wright through hearing "Level Up." I wont lie, I wasn't overly impressed but the beat was steady and the content spoke to me.

After hearing him on a couple collab's since, I decided to track down his tracks and give his library a good hard listen.

Hell-to-the-yeah! On one of my irregular road trips to deal with family affairs I listened exclusively to Zealous1's albums and continued to for a couple days after.

A proud member of Scrub Club Records, a member of Boss Fights and a driving force of the unofficial So-Cal Nerdcore crop, this dude is really chill.

His music is true, keeps it real, his flow is slick no matter what the tempo, his beats are varied and feel well thought out. Although many of the Scrub Club artists espouse a free music, free life, make music for life is freedom, mentality, I think Zealous is among the few who could and should get paid for their art.

Seek him out in any number of his net haunts and get down.

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