Thursday, May 6, 2010

Memeorable - Memegay

Most of you can probably guess by now that I have no problem with -same gender tenders- or for the vulgar, the gays. I have mentioned previously how my fiance & I have a "collection" of lesbians not to mention my predilection towards musical theatre. Har har, yes.

If I recall clearly, my buddy Brad Again is responsible for the first time I heard the song "Gay Bar" (no, he's not currently available for male or female entertaining, sorry.) I want to say he was actually singing it to himself and it in turn got stuck in my head. as it is ridiculously catchy.

A while after I had been employed at the blade vendor shop I currently toil at we sell a particular brand known as KA-BAR. There is one in particular item from this company that I like, and when asked by another employee for a demonstrative recommendation, I stuttered as I thought about my pitch. Then the tune of the song came into my head . . .

I think that you should buy a KA-BAR!
I think that you should buy a KA-BAR!
I think that you should buy a KA-BAR!

I'm still considering writing a full version.

Then, I saw this on one of the normal nerd news outlets I frequent, and was thoroughly entertained. Laugh until you pee yourself, wont you?

And, I would love to have full length versions of each of these songs. It's just the right amount of "acoustic" and cheese. Awesome.

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