Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Some Bloke

I currently have a lot of brands in a lot of fires and I'm waiting to see if they form into anything passable.

I'm pitching Treasure Island as a play to the student run organization at my college. I'm REALLY excited at this prospect as I would love the excuse to REALLY dig into some serious buccaneer research. I know, I don't NEED an excuse, but then it would be doubly justified, you know?

I'm also hoping to finally get a screening of Nerdcore Rising up as a fund raiser as well as to promote Nerd-Life.

Hiring newbs at the store.

Maybe commandeering a artist alley table at Fanime to promote myself shamelessly.

Or even leading the Con Team for my store at who knows what Cons.

saving up enough green to got home (PAX)

Not to mention, I have an original story I've been working on since late November for a certain lady. I get inspiration for it constantly, but never when I'm in a place where it's convenient to write.

Need a new-newer phone, because even though my new Rogue has expanded my mobile possibilities, it doesn't succeed in doing everything I was promised. So, maybe a new upgrade for my upgrade.

Here's hoping I get accepted to the CSUArts summer program because I think it would be a great next step into moving my life towards a stage combat/theatre direction.

I guess this was a "State of The H47" sort of update. I'll try to have a stimulating MemeOrable, or maybe another post later on about whateva.

We Be Geeks, Peace!

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