Friday, June 3, 2011

3rd 4 t3h Nrrd: June '11

So far this year we have had exemplary men and women in the nerdcore realm, time for some dastardly dandies.

Soup or Villainz

Their boy Viet Vu seems to be a constant in the crew, other members fluctuate, a partial roster is up on their FB Page. They do an excellent job to promote and distribute. I love their style and sense of humor. Their sound is always professional, clean and their covers are well crafted.
Have a sample of one of their collab/covers with Atomsk . . . .

As of this post they've done about 3 albums.
Their oldest is an excellent collection of Fallout Inspired tracks titled "Ready to Fallout" you can snag it here!
The second has a break down here as well as a direct download.
The third is available ovah nyah.
They also appear to have some prolific video making habits and you can find a fantastic selection of videos on their youtube channel HERE, as well as other places around the intarwebs.

These guys are great and on my top list for groups to watch and tune into.

Here's hoping that this new crop of nerdcore continues to bear fantastic fruit such as these cats.

lastly, I leave you with another rare track that isn't found on the first two free albums.

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