Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Rollin' Customs

We all know I have an affinity for dice. What true table top nerd doesn't? We have discussed this before. And, like all obsessions, there are those of us who seek out the unique, novel and even absurd variations thereof. Although I have previously acquired my strange polyhedrons from various sources, I was recently contacted by a fascinating individual . . .
And made aware of his excellent operation. Abraham, out of Barcelona, is a professional Dice Maker. Perhaps even, a polyhedromancer? And the "d"s he cranks out are totally rad. Like most geeks, he seems to have a plethora of nerdy interests and these are reflected in his dice designs, and they are awesome.
They look clean and precise and from hints on his blog he experiments to get the most out of his equipment to create the EXACT effect he wants on his dice.
I'm not sure when I'll get some extra cash to procure some, ( I should look up what S&H is from Spain to California. I love international shipping, I'll tell yall my story about a $30 CD later, so worth it though)
But I look forward to ordering some and seeing first hand how well the ink holds, how random they roll, and overall the feel of the craftsmanship. I can only imagine now what it will feel like to roll initiative with something hand crafted by another RPG enthusiast making a living doing what he loves.
Muchos gracias, Abraham. Viva dados!

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