Thursday, June 30, 2011

My Tale of Two Cons

I will be at Anime Expo this year, and due to the hubub, I will also most likely go take a gander at AM2.

Holy Smokes, that's alot of Anime, J-culture, Con, & Driving, BUT, I'm not working, I will have my partner and good friends, so it should be survivable.

I am a little bumbed I wont have any good costumes YET, but there has been plotting, and as soon as I can PURCHASe the items necessary, I will be crafting like an 85 grinding from skill "1"

So keep an eye out for my signature headgear, say "hi" or if not, just be like "huh, I think that's that h47 dude, cool"

Also, please dont creep on my Cosplay homegirls, be polite and chill, and they can cut you!
C.J. or "T1nk"

Calamity Jane or "C.J."
and a myriad of other ladies who associate with me for my impressive, large, wit!

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