Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Texts to Self Fanime Recap!

Fanime! Day 0: Rode line ride twice. Brought stuff up from car thrice. Ended up sweatin dice.

Day1: Went home. Tacked stripes onto a corset. Came back & ate in room. Got pissed in dealers hall. Went back to room to eat. Walked more. Rovers told me i cant plug in there, but i can plug in here. Had a great night without actually being at con.

D2: shaved, walked, pizza, paneled. Sushi/donuts. Got flyers for store. Dropped them off at dojo and got talked up. Munchkin, pizza. Walked, creeped/chivalried, la vics, MADNESS!

D3: rocked check out. Home, shower, phish, chat, fam med issues, dm prep, promo. Prep & promo turned into playtesting with mom & daughter couple from hawaii, walked, got knapped, pubbed & celtic musicd, walked. Set up for pathfinder, waited, waited, waited, freaked out, waited. relieved. Combat, drop off co-worker, home.

D4: late, artist alley table hi-jack. trio of sexy pokemon. trio of sexy pokemon in dealers hall. Traitor customer "motivated" with phish. walked. Iguana'd. walked. pics. home!

I took . . . 2 pictures total, and they are up HERE, I'm sure T1nk will have a much more detailed, pic-filled post . . by the end of the month?

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