Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Quest is The Journey

Journey Quest

So it appears, the more I watch these web series, the more they become attracted to me, and I keep doing these little reviews and posting them. I could get into this.

My aggressively nerdy homeboy, "RunningRyan" who is in my "store D&D" group, told me about this one after I showed him a couple other web series I reviewed and stressed the fact that the crew who made this was the same guys who made "The Gamers" & "The Gamers: Dorkness Rising" and also that he laughed so hard he cried. And, a bit to my chagrin as DM of the group, seeks to emulate the fighter from this series. We shall see if he is as fortunate with my traps, MUAWHAHAH!!!, I mean, I hope they have fun in my game.

But enough about my attempts to TPK, this series is superb. It has touches of all sorts of cliches yet several nice deviations from stereotypes that enrich the world, and of course, a few nods towards the fourth wall as some vaguely meta-aware characters quip here and there.

That thar is the Trailer, apparently all the episodes are up on hulu and youtube and stuff. Something about being open source and free so, I'm sure that's awesome.

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