Thursday, May 19, 2011

Memeorable - Epic MeMealtime

Yo, Hater! Do you Eat? You bet your Bitch ass you eat. But we aint talking about no whimpy grilled cheese samiches! We're talking bout Carniverous Carnal Delights! ITS




The most delicious thing to watch on the internet that you cant actually taste . . . yet.
The Crazy Kanuks are cookin up deliciously fucked up food combos that keep my mouth watering. Their edible exploits have gotten them onto the Leno show, and my favorite . . . a collab with one of today's hottest Djs . . .

Over two dozen videos, Hater! That is months of put-it-in-your-mouth mega-videos.

I have heard that yes, they eat everything they make, nothing goes to waste. None of them technically have any "formal" cooking training, although they have jacked a few kitchens. I love the shirts, the bravado, and MusclesGlasses, their mascot. He even has an origin story episode. Whats that!? You like Origin Stories, well here's theirs . . .

I really want to design a shirt where across the front it says "Bacon strips &" just like their shirts , only in between, a row of the pigs from Angry birds. And, thanks to their most recent episode, I have gift ideas for my Homo-Homies, a shirt that says "Gay bacon strips &" all across the front . Fairsilver knows why . . .

"You know how I know you're gay? You puke rainbows."

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