Tuesday, August 3, 2010

True Player

I think about a year back or so, I was watching Inside The Actors Studio and I caught the episode with Jamie Foxx. There was a small interplay between Lipton and Foxx that has stayed with me ever since and been my go to definition for a slang term I use.
Playa, or Player. I have used this term to describe others who I feel exemplify the term and secretly hope that others consider me worthy of the title.
Watch from 30 seconds in till 2 minutes in, roughly OR, watch it until he starts crossing his eyes,

OR OR, watch the whole thing from part one as his story REALLY resonates with me. Not coming from the poorest of poor, but not coming from well off, having a VERY strong Grandmother figure in my life and trying to find what you're SUPPOSED to be doing while you find other things to do in the mean time, and hopefully, for me, be successful at them all.

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  1. That was an awesome clip. I went through the whole interview! Thank you for sharing!