Saturday, August 14, 2010

Meme-Orable: WoWmemeomatic

Holy Tauren are you gonna get a Legendary size dose of nerd & WoW. Ready? Okay, PULL!

First mob includes a treat from those crazy cats over at College Humor. As we know I am devotee of hip hop in its geekier forms so I often belt out to this.

Next "trash" includes numerous nerdgasmic samples combining three awesome things. Machinima, WoW, & Nerdy Music ( JoCo, Paul & Storm, rap covers). HERE ARE LINKS to appropriate YouTube Channels. BUT, below are a few of my favorites.

Now for THE BOSS, Illegal Danish! Myndflame (after a few years) has completed the Azzerothean Opus. You can watch all of it here, also, avail yourself of his other works, they are tasty. And below, I give you MC Raiders, the end credits to Super Snacks.

W007! EPIC L3WtZ!

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