Tuesday, August 3, 2010

3rd 4 t3h Nrrd: Aug. '10

This month we take a look at a constant hand in the west coast Nerdcore scene, Ultraklystron or Karl Olson. Ultra is not only a consummate contributor of his own musical styleings he has been known to contribute to other artists endeavors.

I dig this cat. He has a very quintessential "nerd" look, but he moves forward, a true Nerdcore Playa, being himself and living his art. His rhythms are clean and articulate with a sound that can become identifiable.

Although he may not be the most well versed in vocal variation (we all know, I'm a stickler for this) he can throw down raps fast and keep a beat quick as any other rapper I've ever heard while still being decipherable, which counts for mad points. After you finish reading this, hit up his myspace page (as linked above) or the bandcamp page (same) and put some Ultraklystron in your earhole!

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