Sunday, January 3, 2010

3rd 4 t3h nrrd, Jan. '10

Tired of goofy, white, geek rappers? How bout a J-rap nerdcore Asian girl from Washington State? This kid is cute, smart, slick and has a sweet voice.

Rai Kamishiro!The first blip on my radar that pinged this little lady was when I snagged Rhyme Torrents 1 through 5. She is on 1 & 2 with Big Lie & Sunny Day.
I heard the kooky techno come through my speakers, and then the Japanese started and I kinda went "huh . ." but, of course, on a Nerdcore compilation album this shouldn't throw me off. It didn't stop though, and it was downright catchy. I wanted more, so I began to seek out this mysterious artist.
AN HOUR LATER!!! all I could find was an inaccurate listing and THIS lj that I wasn't entirely sure was her.
I kind of let it drift after that. I had not heard hind nor hair of her and being the ethereal vapor that is the intarwebs I could not know if there would ever be more. THAN I found this, on a whim to try once more and was disappointed by the 2 songs that had been posted, still nice, but nothing that told me "this artist is staying strong."
BUT!!! my hero The Front . . alot, came through for me!!!

I then jumped back to the webs to find more on this j-ghost of the intertubes. Lo and behold!!! I find on her LJ she's working on a full length album with Ultraklystron and a link to her DA. Girl is a cosplay fiend and she's been hard at work on Electric Sheep.

Apparently, she's up in Fanime consistently, and anyone who knows ME, (all 3 of you who read this) know I attend Fanime EVERY year. I wish I'd known this lil' future j-star was up in "my other con" she's gonna get her some stalker action this next year, need to get her Hancock next to Front's on my copy of Final Boss.Open invite to Rai (if she's old enough, she looks kinda young) and Front, or any other Nerdcore artist I've covered, if your down in SJ for the Fanime, shoot me an electronic mail, we'll drag you down to our favorite Pub, buy you a drink. Or mebbe just some pocky.

Musically, Rai is solid. She RAPS in Japanese. If anyone DARES to say she's not technically nerdcore, you are mad. What is geekier, than a anime obsessed girl in the U.S. who raps in Japanese, cosplays constantly, has a Nerdcore producer and has done a featuring spot for the Godfather of the genre. Anyway, she has an excellent range, a sure "young" voice and she can stay consistent and confidant in live performances. As you can see.

Big kudos and shout out to Ultamaima/ultimaaa for being a video fan of Rai, catchin the indisputable truth that Rai exist and can perform. For one last whistle wetter . . her ya go.

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