Tuesday, January 12, 2010


A couple things you can quote me on . . . .

"The Harpsichord is the Trench Coat of the Music world"

So, a sleek black trench coat can make someone very bad ass. BUT ONLY if they wear it correctly and look at least decent initially, pre-T-coat. Any idiot or scrub can put one on, but a true mofo knows how to wear it correctly.

If done incorrectly a trench coat can not just NOT HELP it can increase the dorkiness/freak factor.

In high school there was this kid me and my friends call Neo as a joke. this kid was 5'5 max, kinda healthy. Not Fat, but not lanky. He had medium length hair which had been bleached at some point but his roots were very visible. Every day, without fail, he would wear a plain black t-shirt, blue jean shorts, white sneakers, black oakley shades, and a long black trench coat. Got the visual? Great, right?

What does this have to do with Harpsichords? A harpsichord is very similar when speaking musically. Anyone can learn to play a harpsichord, it is similar in design to a piano.
When added to a hard core gothy-dark techno-intro-fusion style of music it can make for some very cool effects.

Otherwise, its a lame attempt at badassery without proper effort or foresight, but the music is probably crap to start with anyway.

On a similar note:

"The Ukulele is like Chess"

It doesn't take long to learn either, but it takes lifetimes to truly master them. This one is a bit more self explanatory, but I think you might agree. The rules are simple, the effects aren't overly complicated, but there are those who are horrible even though they've known how to play since grade school, and those in grade school who can whip an old veteran with there eyes closed.

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