Wednesday, August 18, 2010

S.G.I.S.Con V Alert!

Yes Kids, Six Months Till we revisit that undisclosed wilderness location for a weekend of debauch & dastardly Nerdiness!

Only 25 spots as per last year, so far, $25 Dollar Reg (until Jan 1, 2011) and if this is any sort of an issue contact us immediately. But enough of the SrS Bznz, the real reason I'm posting, in addition to giving notification that ITS ON, is, I don't yet have a theme.

I reserve the Right to proclaim any theme I choose for the Con, BUT . . any and all suggestions will be . . . viewed.

To get things started, A few ideas that have been thrown around are;

-Pirate (kind of obvious, but doing it whole hog might be fun)

-Tea Party (being A Hatter, this could be totally fun, as I sure you agree)

-Anime/J-Culture (yo aniki, I blought my game-uh cube-eru, maybe we can "hang")

-Wild West (Few people know I wanted to be a Cowboy, & NO! this does not = steampunk)

While I'm on the subject, I don't think I will let Steampunk be an option this year, I'm not saying no altogether, just, a lot of our shenanigans devolve into cross-genres.


-Nerdcore . . . Again (I have a new documentary and new music to share, as well as the attendee make-up changes every year, I would love to expose more to the genre, if I'm allowed.)

Comment here, email me, text, whatev's!


  1. I think it should be Wow/SC/Diablo themed. Seeing as most of us share the common ritual sacrifices to Blizzard. But that's my vote, even though it wasn't on the list. If not tea party would work.


  2. It didn't show my previous comment. But I suggested WoW/SC/Diablo theme as most of us are Blizzard whores. But if I had to go with your choices I would do Tea Party as well.

  3. Sorry kids if your post doesn't show immediately, I moderate them. Please feel free to comment here, I've yet to deny a post comment that wasn't spam. Just might take me a a day (or 6) to approve it.

  4. Steampunk is for chumps. It is all about Dieselpunk. Also, I should probably go this year.

  5. You Know I'm always up for tea parties!!!!